(Review) Supersmile Advanced Sonic Pulse Toothbrush

As you can see, we’ve been touting the impressive effects of white teeth pretty much all week, with writing about Dr. Levine’s GLO Teeth Whitening System. Now, we’re focusing our efforts on every day brushing.

Since we’re big fans of the sonic pulse (hello, Clarisonic), we’re more than tickled pink with the new Supersmile Advanced Sonic Pulse Toothbrush which features Dr. Smigel’s patented 45 Angled Bristles.

The brush reminds me of the Sonicare brush, naturally, with its sleek white futuristic design. It features three brush modes (Clean, Gentle, Pulse) and has a two-minute auto timer that gives you ample brushing time. There’s also a convenient base on which the Supersmile Advanced Sonic Pulse Toothbrush rests so you can charge it.

Supersmile Advanced Sonic Pulse Toothbrush

This brush is very gentle, and is safe to use on the gums. When I used it, it didn’t tingle at all, and I felt the sound very soothing — almost like a hummingbird’s wings. The kit also comes with two brush heads (both with 45 angled bristles) and the Professional Whitening System. It promises 30,000 strokes per minute — a hefty claim. I have no scientific gadget with which to measure this claim, so I’ll just put this statement here as a claim and leave it at that.

The proof is in the pudding, though. My teeth were definitely whiter in two weeks from using the brush and the accompanying toothpaste, and this combo doesn’t sting like many other overly-minty and eager toothpastes. In fact, the box guarantees results: if you don’t notice any results within 30 days of proper use, Supersmile will refund you the full purchase price.

The retail value of this kit is $99, which I think is so worth it. Have you tried it? I’d love to hear from you.

Charu Suri

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