RapidLash Hosts First Annual Wink Week to Benefit Breast Cancer Patients

H.L. Mencken famously used his epitaph to encourage us to wink at a homely girl. In a happier by similarly generous way, RapidLash is using Facebook to encourage us to wink at everyone by announcing the first annual Wink Week, held from June 7th – 11th. RapidLash ($49.95 at drugstores) uses peptides to thicken and lengthen hair, as well as moisturizing agents that protect the individual strands from breaking.

It’s a solid non-prescripition option to Latisse that comes without the risk of iris pigmentation change, and has even help cancer patients who lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy. The makers of this affordable eyelash and brow enhancing serum will donate $1 for every wink Facebook users send on their RapidLash Facebook page. For every RapidLash Wink sent via Facebook the company will donate $1 to cancer research. A little internet flirting can do wonders for a worthy cause, as well as your social life.

Katharine McKenzie