Adventures with MAC Cosmetics: An Insider's Perspective

In 2000 I began working for MAC Cosmetics an affiliation that continued for five years. I had always been a big fan of the brand, but I was hooked on my second day with the company after a visit to the MAC Pro store where I met several BEAUTIFUL and animated makeup artists all of whom were eager to teach me about the products and demonstrate how to accentuate my features and bring out my inner beauty. I quickly learned that no matter your age or the color of your skin, MAC has a broad range of products for everyone from foundations to lipsticks and everything in between.

The core philosophy of the brand is buildable products with an emphasis on varying textures mixing eye shadows with paints or one of its nine lipstick finishes with a gloss for the glam look. MAC is all about fashionable and innovative makeup options, but there are key products that never go out style and remain top sellers.

MAC’s top neutral lipstick since practically its inception is Twig (fashioned after Twiggy the famous iconic model from the 60’s). This is everyone’s favorite because it highlights the pinkish tone of lips. Russian Red is another iconic MAC color….think Madonna during her Blonde Ambition tour…an amazing statement color. MAC has also perfected long-lasting makeup. And you ask how they do this? Well they “test drive” all their products backstage at over 400 fashion shows worldwide…getting feedback from makeup artists working with diverse ethnicities. Recently after searching unsuccessfully for products that would make my skin look flawless I discovered MAC’s mineralized collection (powder, blush and foundation). What I love about this collection so much is how the powder adheres to my skin – I have been told from a reliable source it is because it is baked – who knew that was possible?

What makes MAC so unique is the passion that the makeup artists share. These are the pros who help make your shopping experience stress free and help you find makeup looks that match your style and mood whether it be your disposition or inclination.

Elizabeth Reid

Elizabeth Reid has been working in the fashion and beauty industries as a public relations and marketing executive for over 15 years. She has spearheading many successful initiatives and programs for Valentino and MAC among other brands.

Elizabeth joined MAC’s Global Communication Department in 2000 and remained in this role for five years. She holds a BA from New York University.