Relastin Ultra Emollient Zinc Firming Complex Cream

There are creams and there are creams. Relastin’s Ultra Emollient Zinc Firming Complex is one of my favorites and it’s made to give you the elasticity to your face a little “spring back.” The best part of this cream is that you can also use it under your eyes (I’m a MAJOR multitasking gal…you can only imagine).

Relastin Ultra Emollient

So I was more pleased than Sylvester when he swallows Tweety Bird when I tried on this cream…and received nice results. Did my skin spring back to life? You bet. I was also very pleased with its hydrating properties, and it certainly minimized my forehead wrinkles (okay, well they’re not really WRINKLES at this age, but I still like to call them that).

This cream encourages collagen production, hydrates the skin like Creme de La Mer, and helps the skin “kick start” elastin production.

I’m hooked.

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