(Review) Beauty For Real Cheek Tint and Luminizer

Want to look lightly flushed, as though you’re in love? Beauty For Real’s new Cheek Tint Luminizer is a two in one color and highlighter to give you a light, radiant result that will leave your skin looking flawless yet just rosy. Here’s what one of our testers had to say: “It feels natural and light and I love the way it makes my skin glow.”

The good news is that it’s an anti- aging product which means double the benefits and women in their 20’s can’t get ahead of Mother Nature’s natural effects on life.

The best trait about the Cheek Tint Luminizer is that it truly is a multitasker. “It’s such a sheer tint,” says one reviewer, “whether you’re light skinned or dark skinned, it can give your skin a glow.”

Women with naturally smooth skin can get a fresh look that’s makes your face glow in a simple step. The packaging is cute and eye catching, but that doesn’t overshadow the fact that the Cheek Tint Luminizer illuminates the skin with UV protection in mind. In other words, this product doesn’t just cover up the years stress written across an individual’s cheeks; it has a preventive and wellness component as well.

Beauty For Real Cheek Tint and Luminizer
The Cheek Tint contains LUMINERA, which has a diamond core complex that is designed to capture invisible UV light particles while imparting a glow to the skin. It also has Vitamin E and ingredients that leave your skin healthy. We think this is truly a value-added product.

The Cheek Tint & Luminizer comes in two colors: Get Lit/ In the Pink; and Goldenrush/ Afterglow. Each retails for $29 at BeautyForReal.com.

Danielle & BeautyStat Staff

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