Review, Before/After Photos, Giveaway: Mally Roncal "Get the Mally Glow" and "Defend Your Beauty" Kits

“Kindness is the new black,” proclaims the lettering on the tote bags full of Mally Roncal’s newest products. It’s just a vehicle of convenience for the bloggers gathered to test and report on her bevy of new releases, but I wish it wasn’t. I’ve seen so many examples of meanness and pettiness lately – on the subway, in stores and streets. I felt like the sunniness of Mally’s presence gave a cheerful glow to my whole day, and it shows in her products.

Mally Roncal Undermakeup Corrector

Undermakeup Perfector

I felt a little overwhelmed when I sat down to swatch Roncal’s pretty kits, since she has covered just about every need. I had no choice but to take a deep and dive in head first. For the first photo, I started off with the Undermakeup Perfector in Peach Light, a duo of concealer and highlighter. At Roncal’s reccommendation, I dabbed the corrector pen under my eyes and blended. I don’t usually buy the one-size-fits-most shade theory, but this did stamp out the blue half-moons under my eyes. Then I took the highlighter pen and patted the subtle shimmer on top of my cheekbones, at the inner corners of my eyes, my Cupid’s bow, and on the sides of my nose. I applied my usual mineral foundation over it as directed, grateful to have my acne scars covered. Even though I spackled on my foundation as always, the highlighter under it kept my skin from looking dull, as it sometimes does in the name of full coverage.

Mally Defend your Beauty Kit

Mally Defend Your Beauty Kit

For color, I reached for the Mally’s Defend Your Beauty Today’s Special Value Kit, which will be available at starting on September 23rd. I swirled the Face Defender Blush in Pink Perfection on the apples of my cheeks, then lined my eyes with the Evercolor Automatic Eyeliner in Black Cherry, a dark plum, and smudged over it with the Evercolor Shadow Stick in Violet. I’ve always found that shadow sticks drag and don’t blend well, but this proved me wrong in a big way. I briefly went outside the TSV kit to grab the Effortless Airbrush Eyeshadow in Sugar Plum. I dusted a light layer of the iridescent purple shadow all over my lids, loving the smooth texture. This particular shadow formula marries the staying power of a powder shadow with the smooth texture of a cream, and it contains anti-aging ingredients, since so many of us forget to show our lids love when we’re slathering eye cream under our eyes. I returned to the TSV kit to coat my lashes in its Volumizing Mascara, then glossed my lips with the Volumizing Lip Gloss in Flirty. Unlike most lip glosses, this lasted well beyond my morning and into the afternoon. To finish off the whole shebang, I patted down my T-zone with the Poreless Face Defender, a clear powder that zaps shine. This was on the last really hot day of the summer. When I checked later in the day, my skin was still matte. ‘Miracle’ is a strong word, but sometimes it’s the right one.

Mally Bareface

After Photo: Using the Defend Your Beauty Kit

After Photo: Get the Mally Glow Kit

For the second photo, I delved into the world of Mally’s infomercial kits. I started with Get the Mally Glow, and prepped my skin with the Perfect Prep Primer in Glow. It made my skin a matte palette; after applying my foundation, I used the kit’s Shimmer, Shape, and Glow compact. I loved the direction packed into the kit. I know where to apply shimmer, the highlighter of the trio (upper cheekbones, temples, etc.) but the shape, or contouring portion left me a little nervous. I’ve got round cheeks that I’ve tried to tame with contour powder since the mid-90s, and it always ends in heartbreak. (By ‘heartbreak’ I mean I had to was the dark racing stripe off my lower cheeks and start my makeup all over again.) This shaping powder was really subtle, and as per the directions I applied it in the hollows of my cheeks and under my jaw. I didn’t feel the need to wash my face, but I was still my apple-cheeked self. Good thing I’ve made peace with it. The Glow, or blush, portion of compact was equally subdued, but then, the point is to look like you might reasonably have woken up this way, so that really isn’t a flaw. I used the Eyeliner Secrets kit to line my my top lids with a shimmering brown liner, then patted clear sealer over it, and followed with brown powder to really lock it in. Then I used the trusty Evercolor Shadow Stick in Brown on my lower eyes. I’ve become addicted to the foolproof shadow sticks, since they define my eyes with no blending. I used lip balm in Pilar’s Pink, which uses shea butter, jojoba oil, and grape seed oil to moisturize lips while tinted them a pretty dark pink.

All these products performed well, but I immediately threw three into my purse, because I couldn’t face the thought of going through the day without them. The Poreless Face Defender did such a good job mattifying my skin that I didn’t want to be separated from it. Likewise with the lip balm and the Volumizing Lip Gloss – both of these products did so much to wake up my face, I wanted to have them close at hand. They’re easy ways to show your face a little kindness.

All of these products and kits can be found at, and they retail from $29 – $63.36.

GIVEAWAY: To enter to win a Poreless Face Defender, a Fierce Face in 5 Minutes Kit, and The Perfect Smoky Eye Kit, leave a comment below telling us your favorite piece of beauty-related kindness. It can be something you’ve done for someone else, or a favor someone has bestowed on you. Mine involves my mother rushing me to her hairstylist after I cut my own hair (even thought I old enough to know that it was an awful idea.) But that’s another post altogether. Contest ends October 26th (US only please).

Katharine McKenzie

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