Review: Crave A Scented Handle Shave? Try Schick XTreme3 Fitstyle Refresh Disposable Razor

Scented handles? Scratch here labels on packaging? Schick ® XTREME3 ® FITstyle ™ refresh just came out with a scented handle, flexible blade disposable razor with both pre-shave oil and Vitamin E. The scented handle was created to give an invigorating shave. There are 3 blades in this line that flex and pivot and the product is overall very lightweight. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I did…I tried this product for my own use instead of giving it to my husband first. I wanted to see the difference between my usual product of choice and this new product. While I haven’t used a disposable razor in years, I was attracted to the lightweight feel of this one and the scented handle seemed a bit gimmicky to me, although it did smell nice.

Schick Extreme Fitness Scented Handle Disposable Razor

I liked the way it moved on my curvy legs and found the shave was clean to the root, and precise. No cuts or nicks to the skin is always a plus in my evaluation. The fact that it has pre and post shave lubricants diminished any red bumps or rashes I could have possibly received from a new product on my sensitive skin. I am used to having a blade on the top of my razor which I find to be very helpful for those hard to reach places but all in all this gave me a good shave.

Then I gave one to my husband to try and he felt the same way about the top blade yet overall said it was a good shave for a disposable razor. He has sensitive skin too and did not show any redness or bumps after shaving.

Overall, for a disposable razor, this is a good value. A pack of two retails for $13.63 and is a good item to carry with you as you travel. Get yours at drugstores, or even online.

Nicole Gordon Levine

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