(Review, Before/After Photos, Giveaway) Potency without the Viper Venom: Immunocologie VenoMax Treatment Creme

Whenever I examine a skincare product, I always look for two things: results, and the science behind it. Over the past few years, the anti aging category has completely exploded because everyone wants to explore the “youth in a bottle” phenomenon. But, only some work, and others don’t.

When I was invited last week to learn about the science behind Immunocologie’s latest skincare launch, VenoMax, I was intrigued because the line uses a process I had never before heard of: biofermentation. I sat next to the formulator and one of the co-founders of the company, a gentle and extremely learned scientist, Dr. Manzoor Jaffrey, who told me about the firm’s patented Bioferm Process.

He explained to me that how, after being dissatisfied with so many skincare products on the market, he wanted something that really worked. Jaffrey developed a process called Bioferm that is modeled on the ancient alchemic process called “Nigredo,” whose sole purpose is to transform the life force within matter. This process is actually different from other products’ formulations where the trick is their “blending” process. So, in essence, because Immunocologie’s ingredients are fermented, there is no danger of the ingredients going through oxidation process; plus, the result is a much more powerful cream.

As Jaffray explains, the ingredients are powerful, just like raw food. The reason why the product is called “Immunocologie” is because it helps with the skin’s own immune system. You might dismiss this as hogwash, but listen to the science behind this for a bit. Because the skin is the largest organ in the body, it maintains its own immune system, it’s imperative to help protect it. This is why people recommend you eat your daily fruits and veggies, for one. Now, how can a skincare cream help with your immune system, you might be thinking? It all has to do with the Reticulate of Langerhans Cells, which are white blood cells generated in the bone marrow. When the arrive at the epidermis, they develop small legs or dendrites, and automatically generate an immune response to the skin when they come into contact with ingredients they don’t recognize. But ingredients that have been through the bio fermentation process are readily accepted by these cells, so in essence Immunocologie acts as a bio catalyst.

Now, the brand has launched a new treatment creme called VenoMAx, which fights “inflamm’aging” with an exclusive complex that mimics Viper Venom.

Viper Venom, as you may have heard, is basically a “botox” for your face. Don’t ask me how they discovered this, but apparently the venom relaxes wrinkles. Now, VenoMAX aims to simulate the effects of Viper Venom, and it also decreases inflammatory activity while increasing hydration, and also brightens the skin tone and evens the skin.

Now, VenoMAX has nothing from the viper — in fact, its key ingredient is a plant-based peptide that biomimics the protein found in viper venom. It also contains inflammation-fighting snow algae from Japan, regenerative Alpine Rose and Magnolia Tree Bark. In addition to all these natural ingredients, it also contains Bioferrin, which is an active protein isolated from fresh sweet whey. So — a truly nature-derived product that’s quite potent while being fermented. That’s big!

I have been using the VenoMAX religiously on my forehead, where I have several wrinkles and I have noticed a substantial improvement both in the level of hydration as well as the relaxation of the wrinkles. Below you can see a Before/ After and the texture of the back of my hand — just after a few minutes.

The VenoMAX creme retails for $275 (the VenoMAX Light is part of the VenoMAX family and retails for $195) at Clyde’s on Madison, White’s Pharmacy and online.

Immunicologie VenoMAX Treatment Creme

The packaging is upscale, elegant and very “Ascot” in black and white

Immunicologie VenoMAX Treatment Creme

VenoMAX comes in an elegant jar made of black, baked glass. Look at how it glistens! Just a little bit goes a long way, baby!

Immunicologie VenoMAX Treatment Creme Before

Before using VenoMAX Treatment Creme

Immunicologie VenoMAX Treatment Creme After

After using Immunocologie VenoMAX — just after a few minutes you can see how the skin’s hydration levels have improved.

As a special to our readers, we are pleased to give away ONE JAR of Immunocologie’s VenoMAX Treatment Creme. Leave a comment below letting us know what you love about this product, and how you think it can help you. Winners will be picked by September 30th (US only please).

Charu Suri

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