(Review, Before/After Photos) Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask Instant Youth

There are so many skincare masks in the market, but not all have the same purpose. Some are deep-cleansing mud masks, others offer hydration, and yet others aim to give you “instant youth.”

This is my first encounter with the upscale brand, Sisley Paris, which debuts its floral-inspired Black Rose Cream Mask in September. This is the brand’s first anti-aging mask which promises to smooth, plump and brighten the skin in just 10-15 minutes.

This is a rich cream that’s a pale rose color; it’s best used on skin that is “tired” and when the complexion is “sallow” according to the brand. In a mere fifteen minutes, the mask promises to plump skin and also make it brighter and more radiant. The extract of Black Rose works as a tensor agent to plump the skin, in conjunction with proprietary Sisley ingredients of alkekengi calyx, extract of padina pavonica and vitamin E acetate to complete the plumping effect. In other words, if you have fine lines or other aging tattle tales, expect them to be diminished after using this mask, while skin is hydrated.

What I particularly love about this mask is its gentle nature. It truly is a “wise” mask, if you know what I mean. It hydrates and just does its job without any residue or fuss. It also contains extracts of red vine leaf, chlorella and geranium essential oil along with greal mullein (a Sisley proprietary ingredient), shea butter, pro Vitamin B5 and glycerin and essential oils of the magnolia as well as rose. The best way to use this mask is to apply it to a cleansed face, twice or thrice a week.

Is it pricey? Yes. It retails for $158 and debuts in September 2011 online and at luxury department stores. Do I think it’s worth it?

I honestly love how gentle it is, and the smell is delicious. You almost want to eat it up. Also, I think it’s one of the finest hydrating masks I’ve ever encountered. I do think that $158 is definitely a steep price to pay, for any mask, but then again, how much does your mask actually do? Is it an anti-aging mask? Does it hydrate? Does it plump skin? All these are questions you want to ask yourself. If you’re comparing this mask to a mud mask — it’s an apples to oranges comparison. This is really and truly an anti-aging mask. So ask yourself, do you need this, and if you do, then the product is worth it because it delivers what it promises. One thing to also consider is its size: at 2.1 fl. oz, you can carry it with you on the plane where you get very dehydrated, and it will do wonders for your inflight skin.

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask Instant Youth

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask Instant Youth

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask Before

Before using Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask Instant Youth

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask Instant Youth After

After leaving the mask on the hand for 10 minutes

Based on the review and pictures above, what are your thoughts? Do you think you need this mask in your life?

– Charu Suri

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