(Review) Cashmere Blend: Nivea Hydra IQ Cashmere Body Wash, Express Hydration Body Lotion & Gel

There’s something magical about moisture. It’s an intangible, yet highly apparent. Your body knows full well when the skin is dry; it reacts in an irritable, almost primeval manner.

So many body washes and moisturizers come across my desk that it’s hard for me to experience the “wow” moment, mostly because they are all so “wow.” Recently, so many brands have raised the bar to let consumers have that waterfall experience in their shower. After all, rinsing and sudsing should be quite cathartic, right? Poets through the ages have all said that the “minor miracles” of daily routine add up to one transcendental experience.

So, this new Nivea Touch of Cashmere Body Wash, in its distinctive white and gold tones, promises a lot. Formulated with a new exclusive and patented technology called Hydra IQ that works to balance the skin’s moisturization level throughout the day (more than 24 hours). This technology aims to give you moisture from above and within the skin and promises to soften and smooth the skin with daily use.

For the record, I’ve never experienced anything like this. It feels like silk proteins and oils gliding on your skin, leaving you with a happy cashmere bubble effect. And the sudsing quality is thick but light and the end result is thoroughly moisturized, non greasy and completely hydrated feeling. My skin felt 100% quenched.

Nivea Touch of Cashmere Body Wash, Express Hydration Lotion and Gel

Photo credit: Matthew Minucci

I would recommend this product to those who suffer from dry skin, and even conditions like eczema (as with any product, please check with your dermatologist). If you need another layer of moisture post shower, follow up with the Express Hydration Body Lotion ($8.99) or the Freshening Gel ($7.99) that has a light minty fragrance to it (this is perfect for poolside summers).

Nivea Touch of Cashmere Body Wash, Express Hydration Lotion and Gel

Photo credit: Nivea

Two thumbs up to these new launches, especially the Touch of Cashmere and Touch of Serenity Body Washes. They are worth every penny of the $5.99 and more. For more information, glance or gloss over Nivea’s Web site.

What is your favorite way to create a happy bubble for your skin during your shower? Spill in the comments below.

– Charu Suri