Review: Clinique Debuts Bottom Lash Mascara

Often, it’s the details in life that get noticed — or missed. But it’s the details that really count.

We’re referring to smudge-less cat eyes, the perfect lip liner, perfectly-arched eyebrows (we’ll leave the tweezing/ threading dilemma up to you) etc. etc. Clinique’s latest makeup debut is the “mini me” of mascaras: the new Bottom Lash mascara will gently, but effectively, coat every tiny lower lash with precision and render it long and clump-free.

This tiny silver tube hosts a powerful little wand with just the correct number of bristles to grab each lower lash and coat it with conditioning jojoba oil and a bentonite clay base. Both of these ingredients will make the lashes smear and clump free.

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

Yes, the last thing you’ll want is to look like Taylor Momsen whose mirror just broke. Right?

We tried this wand at home and were genuinely delighted with the results. It made us think why we had lived under a rock for so long, trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. If the shoe doesn’t fit, the time is right to design a new shoe!

The darling little wand is pretty much sweat proof, and water resistant, to boot, as I can happily testify. It comes off clean with your favorite makeup remover of choice. Choose this when every inner and finer lash needs to be detailed and amplified.

The Bottom Lash Mascara is available everywhere and online at starting now. It comes in two shades: Black and Brown.

Are you a bottom lash gal? Will you purchase our darling obsession of the moment?

– Charu Suri

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