Review: EGF Reactivator Pearl Cleanser

With a wide variety of skincare cleaners, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed or a bit confused when it comes to finding your perfect match. I recently tried the EGF Reactivator Pearl Cleanser – and fell in love instantly with its patented ingredients and simplicity.

EGF Reactivator Pearl Cleanser

The Pearl Cleanser is infused with Citric Acid and additional antioxidants and both, according to Skincareresourcecenter. com, aid in stimulating collagen production and protecting the skin against free radicals and additional “harmful environmental factors.” It’s gentle enough for sensitive skins, and it gently removes makeup and other impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oil and water balance. Formulated for the most sensitive skin types, this non-alkaline facial cleanser is perfect for consumers who are allergic to fragrances or for those who have normal to combination skin. An added bonus is that it’s gentle enough to remove the most stubborn mascara; and I wear tons!

We’d love to hear from you, beauties! What’s your favorite go-to cleanser? If you don’t have one, my recommendation would be to try the EGF Reactivator Pearl Cleanser ASAP!

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Nicole L. Townsend