(Review) Eucerin Launches Daily Skin Balance Skin Fortifying Line

Your body lotion and hand cream likely hydrate, effectively moisturize and leave your skin non greasy and perhaps, slightly fragrant. But do they strengthen? While your skeptical radar might perk up when you hear the word “strengthen” but Eucerin promises a lot (and backs it up with science) in their new Skin Fortifying line.

In this new line formulated with shea butter, Provitamin B5, and a balancing PH buffer, the body lotions and hand creams promise 24-hour long moisture and gives you a lightly fragranced experience. This line also promises to be good for sensitive skin, as we can personally attest. The hand cream goes on thick, with a creamy consistency, but is non tacky and extremely hydrating. I would recommend this for those with extremely dry and sensitive skin as well.

Eucerin Skin Fortifying Hand Cream and Lotion

Photo: Matthew Minucci

Once you apply the lotion, there’s really no need for reapplication unless your hands are severely dry. I’d definitely recommend this for anyone who washes their hands on a regular basis, from germ freak moms to kids. The hand cream is also elegantly packaged with a pop of red color that adds an elegant touch to your nightstand or medicine cabinet.

Eucerin’s many fans include the infamous Lady Gaga, who talks about her love for the product here. The brand is also launching a nationwide initiative that allows you the opportunity to get free skincare consultations at the SkinFIRST Express interactive mobile tour that stops at several nationwide locations. For more information or to find out the schedule, click here. To follow their updates and feeds, follow them on Twitter.

Charu Suri