(Review & Swatches) Chanel's Mimosa Nail Lacquer for Summer 2011

Despite not being a regular drinker, I don’t mind a good mimosa. There’s something about a flute filled with orange juice and champagne that tickles my taste buds. It makes me feel luxurious and classy. Although I’ve tested and loved my fair share of yellow nail polishes, I just knew that Chanel’s Mimosa would be mine. Even the cheapest beauty lover (ahem, that would be me) can justify dropping $25 on a Chanel polish. After all, nothing says ‘glamorous’ like Makeup by Chanel.

Chanel Mimosa Nail Lacquer

At first glance, Mimosa looks a lot like any average yellow polish. The magic happens at first stroke. Like most yellow polishes, Mimosa will need a good 2-3 coats to reach opacity. But hang in there, sister. The results are absolutely stunning.

Chanel Mimosa Nail Lacquer

But wait…when the light hits it, it really comes alive.

Chanel Mimosa Nail Lacquer

I’d describe Mimosa has a dusty lemon with subtle gold glitter. It’s a showstopper that will make for perfect summer manicures and pedicures. You deserve it, girl. Make Chanel’s Mimosa your drink of choice this summer.

What’s your polish of choice this summer? Why or why not?

– Brittany Thomas, Clumps of Mascara