(Review & Giveaway) Au Naturel Ayurveda Skincare & Haircare

When this company first approached me to review their products, I had no idea what to expect. Having grown up in India, the name “ayurveda” rang a bell with my habits, and I love anything and everything that’s natural and free of toxins and chemicals.

The term “ayurveda” is a Sanskrit word that means “the complete knowledge for long life” and this is echoed in the company’s message. The products are painstakingly created to make the receiver truly look and feel fantastic — and to live well. The company aims to provide purity, harmony, serenity, rejuvenation and revitalization.

Au Naturel’s Ayurvedic products use original natural raw material that’s environmentally safe.

The Shree Range

Au Naturel Ayurveda Shree Hair Cleanser Au Naturel Ayurveda Shree Hair Conditioner

The Shree Hair Cleanser and Conditioner are some of my favorites in the line, because of the smell (in part), and because of the Ayurvedic herbs and oils in this aromatic, beautifully rose red bottle (the Hair Cleanser, at any rate). The herbs in the shampoo nourish the hair, and they prevent split ends and breakage.

I would highly recommend buying this product if you want a totally natural experience (granted, the shampoo and cleanser do contain Lauryl Sulfates in them for the lather, but the American Cancer Society has completely dispelled the myths about the cancer-causing properties of this compound, so you can be at peace).

The Shree line also has a Saffron Body Moisturizer that is absolutely my favorite! It goes on beautifully, is not tacky in the slightest, and delivers a very calming fragrance. Saffron has wound healing and anti-cancer properties, and is also an antioxidant. Use it in good health! $19.99 each.

The Sundari Range

Au Naturel Sundari Intensive Hair Cleanser Au Naturel Sundari Intensive Hair Conditioner

The word “sundari” means “beautiful” in Sanskrit, and the Sundari Range is an intensive experience for the hair. It is also fortified with bio nutrients that improve the scalp condition; the herbs in this range also finely coat the hair for extra conditioning and effect. There is absolutely no tackiness or grainy-ness of any kind. The shampoo is truly a gentle, aromatic experience that cleanses the hair with a very holistic approach. The Sundari conditioner has the fresh aroma of rose extract and gives the hair shine, bounce and life. $20.99 each.

I especially LOVE the Rose Body Cleanser from this line, which has just a hint of the aroma of rose flowers. It’s as though your body experiences spring on a rich, sunny day. It opens your skin up to possibilities and rose is excellent for both dry and mature skin. Just try it and see what I mean. Besides this, it also restores skin’s PH balance. $20.99.

In addition to these products above, the company makes soaps and Body Massage Oils that are completely soothing and nourishing to both the mind and soul. The body massage oils are excellent to use for calming and moisturizing purposes, and of course, to experience in a spa-like setting.

But, we always believe, seeing is believing, and we are giving away two bottles of the Body Essential Oils to two lucky winners. Simply leave a comment below on which fragrance is most YOU after you visit the company’s site, and why. Happy Earth Day to all!

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– Charu Suri