Review & Giveaway: L'Oreal's new Double Extend Illuminator Mascara

L’Oreal’s latest mascara to be added to the lash lengthening buffet table is its new Double Extend Illuminator. A lash lengther on one side with an illuminating, almost mace-like wand (remember Givenchy’s Phenom’ Eyes?) on the other side gives you stiletto length, sparkling lashes.

L'Oreal Double Extend Mascara

The premise is for “noticeably illuminated eyes.” The formulation harvests the power of pearls (pearls are also getting huge exposure in the spring makeup department this year). This is a light-reflecting mascara that highlights flecks of colors found in the eyes, and there are four different shades specifically designed to suit your eye color:

1) Black Copper (for Blue Eyes)

2) Black Bronze (for Green Hazel Eyes)

3) Black Quartz (for Brown Eyes)

4) Black Crystal (for all Eyes)

This is a two step process, with the first step being a lengthening mascara and the second step being the Illuminating Top Coat. There are pearl-infused tones in the top coat and the sphere-shaped brush allows these pearls just to be applied at the tip.

Our Review

I am a big fan of L’Oreal’s Double Extend mascara in general. It REALLY does extend your lashes and you end up with some serious length. That said, I felt the “Illuminator” quality in this mascara fell a tad short of my expectations. I wanted my lashes to be much more sparkly than the result, but I was enormously pleased at how thick and long my lashes became (note: this is not a volumizing mascara).

The mascaras retail in drugstores now for $10.95 each.

But seeing is believing, dear readers, and without resorting to Latisse, it’s pretty fabulous to walk around with such a lash length. So, with that in mind we’re giving away TWO new tubes of the Illuminator Mascara to two lucky readers.

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And rock that length and shine!

Charu Suri

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