(Review & Photos): Rimmel Fall 2011 Stay Glossy 6-Hour Lipgloss; Glam'Eyes Dreamy Eyes Trio and Quads

Sticky lip glosses vex me and usually require me to use Carmex before I apply them on. That is not how lip gloss is supposed to work. When it comes to texture and finish preferences, some women like a bright gloss; others prefer a frost, but I prefer a pearly finish. Rimmel’s new Stay Glossy 6-Hour lip gloss is product that does exactly that.

rimmel stay glossy 6 hour lip gloss

Rimmel’s Stay Glossy 6-Hour lip glosses have an applicator that softens the lips and an ingredient that makes them last up to six hours. I’ve done swatches for these Stay Glossy products and they lasted a couple hours, however, I am not sure if it was six hours exactly. As long as they last throughout the day and keep my lips looking plump, the hours don’t really matter, the results are what I’m looking for.

For the past couple of days I’ve been wearing Stay Glossy in Eternity, Unlimited Gold and Always Lovely on my lips. Each time I look at my lips before I put on the lip gloss they look soft and smooth, with the lip gloss on, they look silky smooth.

There are several shades that work for women of all colors and for lips of all sizes; what these these lip glosses work to do is add a healthy shine to lips. Instead of the occasional greasy glosses from the past, using Rimmel Stay Glossy can leave a man wondering why the kiss on his cheek is not sticky. Figure out if they work for yourself on their
website, which also shows the stores you can buy them from. $5 each.

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Eyeshadow Quad

Twilight Zone Quad & Dreamy Eyes Trio

Another product from the Fall 2011 of Rimmel that we’re loving is the Glam’ Eyes Shadow quad that gives you a subtle yet elegant look. I used the Dreamy Trio eye shadow to sport with for a day with my sis’ and the look lasted throughout a day of sweat and heat.

Danielle Beckford wearing Rimmel

Danielle wearing “Dreamy Eyes Trio” on her eyes, and “Eternity” 6 Hour Lip Gloss

The eye shadow comes off with a light touch, yet wears well on women of color. Light colors can look awkward on my face if I don’t add a little darkness to it, so with the Rimmel eye shadows I find it suitable to use a dark brown from another eye shadow brand with the Rimmel eye shadow. They blend effortlessly!

With the step to step guidance on the back of the eye shadow palette you’ll find it easier to make the colors work in three simple strokes. There are numbers on the sections where the different colors are, so when you follow the steps you will know the order in which the colors are worn.

Each eye shadow palette has different looks and different amounts of eye shadow color. The Twilight Zone Quad eye shadow, for example, has shades of gray and a shade of white to give off a smoky- like appearance. There are several more themes to the eye shadows that can compliment any personality. Eye shadow themes are: tempting, spices, modern blues, Orion, and Lynx.

Each Glam’Eyes shadow quad retails for $5.49 in drugstores nationwide. It’s time to get your quad fix! To check out Rimmel’s spring collection and photos and compare colors, click here.

Danielle Beckford

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