The Best in Beauty: Beautiful Products That Look Like Works of Art

As much as we get told not to judge a book by its cover, people do tend to judge a product by its packaging — especially when it comes to cosmetics. A well-presented decadent design on the outside hopefully represents well thought out and quality ingredients on the inside. Although there are many cosmetics brands that have packaging designed to catch our eye and look good on our dressing table, there are a few that really have taken packaging design to the next level.

Having won a host of awards and with availability all around the world, Benefit has made a name for itself by mixing fun with fabulous products. In 1976 the Ford twins set up a beauty boutique with a candy store atmosphere in San Francisco. Recently they launched the b.right radiant skincare range that has the cutest apothecary chic packaging. The textured glass bottles and cork print lids look sensational and the contents are truly amazing as well.

Founded in 1828, Pierre Francois Pascal Guerlain started a dynasty or perfumers that has encompassed five generations and developed scents for royalty. Known for highest in luxury ingredients and packaging, the air of exclusivity is best shown in the Terracotta range. The products are just so beautiful it almost seems criminal to use them, here are the favourites.

Absolution Paris

Absolution Paris is the first Unisex bespoke certified organic cosmetics range. Not only is the packaging stylish it is also recycled and/or recyclable and printed with vegetal inks. Absolution offers a short range of customizable cosmetics made to be adapted to your skin’s needs, each day as it comes, simply.

White Tiger Delicate Powder Chantecaille

As Chantecaille focuses on the purity of its ingredients its no surprise that the packaging is sleek, seductive and simple. Although all the products look divine there are some standout beauties in the collection. If the all natural ingredients, meticulously tested formulas and superb textures weren’t enough to make you fall in love with the brand, the charity inspired limited edition eye shadows were proportions of the profits go to charity certainly will be.

What are some of your most aesthetically-pleasing products? Share your favorites in the comments below!

Rachel Gardner

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