Review, Ingredients, Before/After Photos: Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream, Anti-Aging Facial: Lifts, Firms, Sculpts, Smoothes Skin In 2 Weeks

Kiehls SUper Multi Cream

Kiehl’s is aware of two things this fall: 1. That aging is an inevitable part of life and 2. The battle against the signs of aging can be corrected!

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Switch up your skincare routine this fall season with the new Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream ($62.00). A do-it-all-for-you cream that combines Kiehl’s cutting edge formula and a proprietary Tri-Active Technology for smoother, younger looking skin.

Younger skin and aged skin behave differently. When damaged, young skin takes only 6 hours to recover and repair itself. Alternatively, aged skin takes over 30 hours. As we age, our cells also age and become less resilient to internal and environmental aggressors.

Kiehls Super Multi Cream INside

Kiehl’s scientists realized that in order to achieve younger looking skin, one has to address multiple signs of aging simultaneously including loss of bounce and youthful contours, prominent lines and wrinkles, texture imperfections and a lackluster complexion.

“To ensure both efficacious and swift correction, they determined that they needed to address aging skin with a combination of ingredients that are each individually demonstrated to tackle particular signs of aging,” concluded Chris Salgardo, President of Kiehl’s USA.

In comes the trinity of key age-defying ingredients that have never been combined in a cream before including:

– Jasmonic Acid: Known to support epidermal renewal to visibly correct wrinkles, fine lines, loss of suppleness and elasticity, while smoothing and refining texture. In plants, jasmonic acid is known for regulating plant responses to external stressors. It has an important role in a plant’s response and resistance to wounding.

– Beech Tree Extract: Known for its ability to improve skin firmness and visibly improve plumpness and density. Beech tree extract is a sugar-protein hybrid made from xylose, a sugar found abundantly in beech trees and known to stimulate the production of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). It is also known to increase protein synthesis and enzymatic activity of keratinocytes.

– Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid: Known to reinforce skin’s natural short- and long-term moisturization, as well as improve skin barrier function. Additionally, it is known to improve skin elasticity while reducing skin roughness and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

This age-correcting cream combines three ingredients with distinct features for specific layers of the skin. It promises to show a difference in skin texture and firmness within 2 weeks and double its efficacy within 4 weeks.

Kiehls Super Multi Cream Swatch

The Super Multi-Corrective Cream is thick yet absorbs into skin with its light, feels-like-butta texture. It’s emollient yet doesn’t sit on the skin (perfect for sensitive skin as well!). It smells slightly of cold cream at first, but fades into a fresh, herbal-like scent that isn’t overpowering at all.

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Its revolutionary formula also meant a new way of allowing these never-before-combined emollients to blend seamlessly together without leaving behind a heavy and sticky film on the skin.

Jasmonic acid is usually stabilized in a serum formulation, but, Kiehl’s scientists have taken its salt form to work it into a cream — making it incredibly spreadable and soft, thanks to the addition of shea butter.

“We aimed to develop a ‘Super Cream’ that showed improvements on multiple signs of aging. Therefore, it was important to test the formula’s behavior on subjects with skin demonstrating nearly all signs of aging, not just one or two signs,” shares Dr. Geoffrey Genesky.

“ These clinical results showed the product can perform on not 1 or 2 but most signs of aging, ensuring its efficacy for a broad aging customer base.”

84% of consumers agreed that their skin appeared rejuvenated and revitalized. Clinical results on the full panel demonstrated significant improvement after 2 weeks. Within 4 weeks, clinical results doubled on the following attributes:

Facial wrinkles and fines lines reduced
Skin elasticity improved
Facial contours redefined
Sagginess reduced
Lifted skin
Firmed skin
Skin texture refined
Skin youthfulness appearance improved

If this age-fighting wonder cream is already part of your fall skincare routine, then check out the SUPER MULTI-CORRECTIVE ANTI-AGING FACIAL!

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This treatment includes a skin-type exfoliating peel or micro-dermabrasion to effectively refine skin texture. Micro current stimulation and LED technologies are then used to increase facial circulation and lift the contours of the face and neck leaving the skin looking smoother, younger, firmer and healthier. 75 minutes. $195.00

This new treatment is now available at Kiehl’s Spa 1851,157 East 64th St., at Lexington. Book by calling 888-SPA-1851, or through

What do you beauties think of this anti-aging cream? Do you wish to tighten and firm up your skin?

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– Theresa Romano

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