Review, Ingredients, Darphin, Replumping, Energetic, Cream, Recharges, Restores, Skin, For, A, Healthy, Glow

Review, Ingredients: Darphin Replumping Energetic Cream - Recharges, Restores Skin For A Healthy Glow

Review, Ingredients: Darphin Replumping Energetic Cream - Recharges, Restores Skin For A Healthy Glow

I am a big fan of the Darphin line, and have used their products with great success in the past. So, I was eager to try the Replumping Energetic Cream, a light moisturizing cream enriched with the brand’s “unique Enerstim Complex technology” that claims to “instantly enhance skin’s natural, healthy looking glow.”

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The Enerstim Complex™ combines 2 botanical extracts: sapindus mukorssi, which is the fruit of an Asian tree used in medicine to correct skin conditions, and laminaria digitata, a brown seaweed used in body wraps. The unique combination in the patented formula “acts directly on skin to help stimulate the natural production of cellular energy for a revitalized appearance.” The key ingredients in the fragrant, lightweight formula are:

Enerstim Complex (revitalizing)
• Vitamin E (antioxidant)
• Hyaluronic Acid (re-plumping)
• Apple, watermelon, lentil (hydrating)
• Shea butter (nourishing)

I used the cream twice a day, morning and evening, for about 10 days. And I loved the results! My skin really did seem firmer and more taut. I also appreciated the lightweight formula, which was not too greasy for these hot summer days. And the absorption was excellent; when I used it at night, I found no oily residue the next morning.

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Since it does not contain a SPF, it needs to be combined with another product during the day, which may be too many steps for some users. But I do think it’s worth the trouble. All in all, a solid new product that performs very well.

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– Yona McDonough

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