(Review) New Schick Razor Launches: Hydro 5 Blast for Men, Intuition Limited Edition Handle for Women

Long hair may be more than a phase for Joaquim Phoenix, but surely not for your legs. When summer temperatures roll around, it’s time to seriously consider if you want to go into civilization looking like Baba the Turk. Among the sea of razors available, we look for those that add value and multitask well enough to recommend to our friends, family and readers of BeautyStat.

Schick Hydro 5 Oscillating Men's Razor

Photo credit: Matthew Minucci

Two thumbs up to new Schick launches. The new Schick Hydro 5 for men is something that might be a good item to put in a gift basket for Father’s Day. The paintbrush style razor features lubricating strips and a trimming feature that gives your skin a close shave while leaving skin smooth and moisturized. The razor also has a flip trimmer feature that allows you to trim harder to reach areas. In this version, the lubricating strip comes after the blade gives the skin a very close shave. If you opt for the high-frequency oscillating version (AAA battery operated), you’ll receive a much cleaner shave without any nicks or cuts than the non oscillating version. We highly recommend the oscillating version, priced at $14.95. You’re likely to not feel an afterburn with this investment.

Schick Intuition Limited Edition Razor 2011

Photo credit: Matthew Minucci

The Schick Limited Edition Intuition Razor is one of my favorites because it combines aesthetics with functionality. The decorative handles are clearly pretty, but the design of the handle is ergonomically friendly as well. The enormous conditioning solid (yes, it does look like a bit like an iceberg) envelopes four razors (previously three) and is formulated with shea butter, aloe and Vitamin E. What I love about this razor is that you only need to glide it once on the skin and you’re stubble free and moisturized in seconds. There is also little to no drag. The pivoting head gives you more flexibility in the areas of contour.

Beauty Stat: 81% of American women, surveyed by Schick, desire sexy, smooth and shaved legs. It leaves us wondering if the rest want to resemble King Kong (hey, in some cultures, hair is attractive. We’re not here to judge!).

If you’re into pretty designs, this cool Schick razor makes the Limited Handle edition in three varieties, according to your skin type and needs: Moisturizing Care Pack Duo (light pink), Pomegranate Extract (hot pink), Naturals for Sensitive Skin with Aloe and Vitamin E (light blue). These razors are available now through September, after which you can get the solid refills (but not the LE designed razors themselves).

Tell us, are you fans of razors for shaving your legs during the summer? If so, how does Schick fit into your lifestyle?

– Charu Suri