(Review) Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Blue Copper 5 Molecular Repair, Necollete & Eye Surgery Treatments

Osmotics Cosmeceuticals is a skincare brand founded by beauty expert, Francine Porter. The line’s philosophy revolves around using the finest anti-aging ingredients, and especially harnessing the power of peptides. Francine pioneered the use of copper peptides (a proven anti-aging ingredient) in her acclaimed new Blue Copper 5 line of products .

(Review) Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Blue Copper 5 Molecular Repair Treatment

With the introduction of the Blue Copper 5 Molecular Repair Treatment, the anti-aging benefits of copper are combined with a proprietary extract that triggers the natural repair process of the skin. This seven night ampoule series works to visibly increase skin’s firmness, elasticity and radiance. The product also reduces redness and irritation from exposure to dry, harsh weather conditions as well as aggressive dermatologic treatments like micro-dermabrasions, peels and lasers.

We agree that the treatment is indeed formulated to deliver on these claims. Copper peptides are recognized by the Mayo Clinic as OTC ingredients that are shown to deliver anti-aging benefits. And the proprietary extract is derived from Carob which is rich in amino acids and peptides is shown to improve skin glow and hydration.

We also recommend using the the other Osmotics Blue Copper 5 treatments for continued, cumulative anti-aging results. It retails for $125 for 7 ampoules.

Another product new to the Osmotics family is the Necollete Age Reversal for the Neck and Chest, which uses a breakthrough technology to address a very often overlooked area. A combination of peptides strengthens the fragile neck skin to help you avoid lines and crepiness.

Osmotics’ star product is its popular Eye Surgery cream, which combines proven Tetra-peptide technology to reduce dark circles and puffiness. If you visit a store that sells Osmotics products, you’ll receive a complimentary LED treatment to lessen the appearance of wrinkles, especially those on the forehead, which is a treatment you normally find only in dermatologist offices.

We tried the Necollete cream, as well as the Blue Copper 5 line and loved the lightweight texture as well as the addictive scent.

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