(Review & Giveaway) A Superb Niche: Ineke Fragrances

Inspired by beautiful flowers and classically trained in fragrance by the ISIPCA in Paris (a university level school of perfumery) and nominated for a coveted CEW award this year, Ineke Ruhland’s Ineke line of fragrances is far from ordinary and makes her a star in the niche fragrance world.

Ineke Ruhland Fragrances

Ineke Ruhland

What sets these fragrances apart is the high quality of ingredients, the time put into making a perfume that smells truly beautiful and that will last long on skin. It’s dedication and talent and that’s often what you see in many of the smaller niche lines.

Ineke Gilded Lily bottle

Conversing with Ineke, you get such a feel for her passion for what she does and how much of that is put into her perfumes. Beyond loving her fragrances, she has inspired me to attempt growing some night blooming flowers this year. She grows many of the flowers that appear in her scents (including the rare Gold Band Lily from Japan shown above) and has many that bloom after the sun goes down and fragrances the evening hours.

Ineke Gold Band Lily

The Gold Band Lily

Her perfume collection is alphabetical beginning at A and ending thus far at G. There are seven scents in all. Two of my favorites are After My Own Heart and Gilded Lily.

Ineke sample pack

After My Own Heart was the first Ineke fragrance I smelled several years ago, and this has a place in my heart because it is all about the lilac. Lilac fragrances are not as easy to find, less so ones that really get it. After My Own Heart captures the branch of clustered lilac flowers swaying the April breeze. It’s soft and light with the slight hint of berries and green stems giving it an even more seasonal air. This is the scent to make you stop and take a moment, breathe it in and hit the pause button.

Gilded Lily features the Gold Band Lily. Ineke read about this special flower that has a particularly intense scent, and therefore she sought it out. The perfume, however, is not simply a lily in bloom. It’s a rich and elegant chypre type of fragrance. It’s dry and rich and seems tailor made for sultry evenings. A quick pass by of fruit launches Gilded Lily, and then the oakmoss and amber give it depth all the while intertwining with the lily.

One special highlight in the collection is the sampler box. Each of the seven scents is presented in its own curated and alphabetized presentation box for you to try. The sampler set sells for $25.00 and that price is applicable towards a full bottle purchase.

The full list of Ineke fragrances:

  • After My Own Heart
  • Balmy Days and Sundays
  • Chemical Bonding-
  • Derring- Do
  • Evening Edged in Gold
  • Field Notes from Paris
  • Gilded Lily

You can find more about Ineke including ordering info and store locations at www.ineke.com

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We are giving away one sampler set to one lucky BeautyStat.com reader. To win, leave a comment below telling us aside from smelling great, what really motivates you to buy a new fragrance.

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