GIVEAWAY, Review, Photos: Bliss Fat Girl Six Pack Tummy-Toning Gel With Ab-Activiating Applicator

Review, Photos: Bliss Fat Girl Six Pack Tummy-Toning Gel With Ab-Activiating Applicator

I was at my local Sephora just last night and saw Fat Girl Six Pack ($38.00) in the Hot Now case and thought to myself, “Does this really work? Why do we have to label things “fat” and “skinny”?” I still use BlissThat’s Incredi-‘peel’! Spa-Resurfacing Glycolic Resurfacing Pads, so can I really firm up my tummy that is about twenty pounds overweight just by using this product? I don’t even know where my abs are! When I got home, I saw a Bliss package and can you guess what was in it to review?

I decided to delve in and sample it because I love Katie Welch, and even though I am opposed to using words like “fat,” “chubby,” and “skinny” they are being used every day in our society and now on a multitude of beauty products — and Bliss is known for its cheeky names and verbiage. That’s part of why Bliss is Bliss, and I have found that their products work for me.

I must confess I stared down at the bottle for quite some time and wondered if I should ask for it to be reviewed by another staff writer, but then I decided, “Fat Girl Six Pack, I need you!” So, I did what the instructions said and pumped the gel onto my “ab” area via the built-in nubbed applicator top and massaged it in for 20-30 seconds. I felt a cooling sensation right away and wondered if it was the menthol in the product. Other ingredients include caffeine to firm; creatine to release energy to the cells; oat kernel extract for immediate firming; latex-rich manilkara tree extract to boost elasticity and a special botanical blend to lift the area.

Ten minutes after application and I did feel like it was doing something. I hope it’s firming and if I am pleased with the results, I shall let you see a sneak peek of a before and after photo. Just not now! Of course, this cannot work unless a healthy diet is in conjunction; I would imagine that regular exercising would boost results?! Bliss even states that on the outer packaging. This is a firming and tummy-toning gel, not an elixir for weight loss.

Available EXCLUSIVELY at Sephora. If it works on me, I promise to spread the love in a big way! Since its July launch, have any of our readers out there tried this product? Let us know by commenting below, which will automatically be posted to our Community Forum (click here to check it out!) where you can check out other beauty related discussions!

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– Nicole Gordon Levine

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