(Review, Photos) Burt's Bees New Honey & Shea Conditioning Body Bar and Body Butter

Who could not be happy with a company that strives to make 100% natural products and is concerned with improving planet Earth?

Burts Bees Honey and Shea Body Butter

Burt’s Bees has come a long way since their natural beeswax lip balm hit the scene many years ago. They are a company that strives to work with nature as much as possible and nearly half of their products are 100% natural. They label each product with a “natural bar” so you can feel rest assured that they are using the highest level of natural ingredients in their products. Of course, their packaging is recyclable too. Their commitment to the us, animals and the earth is apparent and their products reflect that commitment.

Burts Bees Honey and Shea Conditioning Body Bar

I sampled their Honey & Shea Conditioning Body Bar and Body Butter. Not only do their products smell light and almost edible, they apply easily to the skin. Their Conditioning Body Bar left my skin feeling more supple and hydrated. The French milled bar soap is intended to leave oil and dirt behind and that’s what it did. The honey is a natural humectants that moisturizes the skin while the shea butter nourishes the skin. Directions say to rinse well and follow up with your favorite Burt’s Bees Body Butter so that was my next step. I dipped into the 6.5oz tub and learned quickly that a little body butter goes a long way. I was able to use what I initially thought would only be for my upper torso on my entire body. I like when products are practical! I smelled a hint of coconut and the texture reminded me of a whipped butter. The Body Butter contains antioxidant rich sweet almond oil among other key ingredients’ such as sunflower seed oil, jojoba and cocoa seed butter.

Honey & Shea Conditioning Bar retails for $ 5.00 and the Honey & Shea Body Butter retails for $ 13.00. For a steal, you can have a great body care routine and peace of mind.

Share your Burt’s Bees story with us. Are you a fan of the brand? Why or why not?

Nicole Gordon Levine