(Review, Swatches, Photos) OPI Touring America Fall 2011 Nail Polish / Lacquer Collection

This time, for Fall 2011, OPI has decided to focus on several American cities –not all of them mainstream or well known. The Touring America collection is a feast of 12 shades that are representative of the “color” of each of the cities they represent. Think of it as a Jet Blue “all you can fly” pass throughout the country.

The colors go on nice and thick with just one coat, as is typical of most OPI shades. All the below swatches were done with a base coat and two coats of nail lacquer.

Road House Blues- Jackson Hole, WY

Road House Blues- Jackson Hole, WY OPI Touring America Nail Lacquer

This is a deep indigo/blue that honestly looks like a dark version of blueberries. It has a nice satin-y finish that I really like and is good for the fall, especially to complement jewel tone makeup. This is the only “blue” shade in the Touring America collection.

Suzi Takes The Wheel- St. Lois, MO

Suzy Takes the Wheel OPI Touring America Nail Lacquer

Inspired by the glitz of St. Louis, this shade is a dark gray (but really looks more like an olive-green-gray) that reminds me slightly of the richness of Dior’s Gris Montaigne from the Spring 2011 collection. This will definitely make your nails rich and satin-y.

Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window- NYC, NY

Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window- NYC, NY OPI Touring America Nail Lacquer

This shade is supposed to represent New York City, but I honestly think gray and glint is more New York than this shade of chocolate brown/ green. However, I do love the color and is as bold as the New Yorker.
A Taupe The Space Needle- Seattle, WA
A Taupe The Space Needle- Seattle, WA OPI Touring America Nail Lacquer
This really does look like a rich hot cup of cocoa on your nails. This comes out as a nice rich brown on these nails and is very fall-y. We dig!
Are We There Yet?- Milwaukee, WI
Are we there yet OPI Touring America Nail Lacquer
This shade is more of a pink/salmon shade that I would not have associated with Milwaukee, but perhaps that is a bright spot to visit! This is a slightly shimmery shade.

Color to Diner For- Tuscon, AZ

This is a totally HOT shade and a really feminine purple. It’s a great item to complete any hot little number outfit. Muy caliente!

“I Brake For Manicures” – Memphis, TN

This Rock ‘N Roll inspired shade is a deep purple and the second purple shade in this collection. A little edgy shade that is a good fit for most outfits.

Get In The Espresso Lane- Clarksdale, MS

An odd choice of city, but this shade –as you guessed — is of the Java variety. But it’s not a strict brown: it’s got tones of an olive/smoke to it. It’s actually a beauty!

French Quarter For Your Thoughts- New Orleans, LA

Despite the cheesy name, I really like the association of France with New Orleans. This one is a real light gray, an almost surreal quality to it. We’ve been seeing a host of grays this year and this may be a collector’s item. It looks a bit like plaster.

My Address Is “Hollywood”- Hollywood, CA

My least favorite shade in the collection, and maybe because it looks so plastic. The name is apropos but the pink is not something I’m particularly partial to.

Honk If You Like OPI- Baltimore, MD

This is a nice eggplant shade that’s perfect for fall. It’s a beautiful shade actually — one of my favorites from the collection. In the sunlight it’s almost a grape like quality but indoors it comes off as a deep eggplant.

I Eat Mainely Lobster- Philadelphia, PA

This shade has a name that combines TWO states and I’ll file this under the “corny” basket. It’s a strong shade but I associate Maine with blueberries rather than a plastic-pink shade, but it is bright and cheery that some will go for it, no doubt. There is a hint of gold shimmer in this.

Which are your favorite shades in the OPI Touring America Fall 2011 collection?

Charu Suri; Swatches by Nicole Levine

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