(Review & Photos) Fall 2011: Hourglass Cosmetics' Film Noir Lash Lacquer Debuts

A few weeks ago, my makeup world was forever changed when I was introduced to Hourglass Cosmetics. Celebrity makeup artist, Gina Brooke (who has made up some of the world’s most iconic and beautiful faces including Madonna, Anne Hathaway, Naomi Campbell and Gisele Bündchen), dazzled a crowd of beauty bloggers with her mastery and precise application of these extremely beautiful makeup tools that frankly, should be in a museum.

Before this event, I had not used one product by Hourglass; after the event (and after experimenting with the Lash Lacquer and the extraordinary Veil Mineral Primer that goes on like sheer and light, I’ve become addicted — like a first-time Gilt Group shopper.

Film Noir Lash Lacquer Hourglass Cosmetics

Film Noir Lash Lacquer ($28)

We were gathered together to learn more about the line’s latest launch, the Film Noir Lash Lacquer. The bottom line? I’ve honestly never seen a mascara topper like this. On first glance, I thought it was a really luscious kohl eye liner. There are no bristles and it promises to deliver an inky black top coat for lashes that you apply OVER your regular mascara. The idea of course, is high-wattage shine.

As far as a concept goes, this is pretty slick. As far as the packaging and the delivery mechanism, it blew me out of the water. I wasn’t expect THIS MUCH lacquer: the texture is not goopy but luscious and just like nail polish lacquer, which I’m guessing was the inspiration behind the name Lash Lacquer. The idea behind the Lacquer is also to deliver sensational-looking (almost falsies) eyelashes.

Smart and savvy women will use the Lash Lacquer to easily transition from the workplace to a glam evening look. Think Catherine Zeta Jones in Chicago. Or Cher.

The best way to apply the lacquer is to use it at a horizontal angle and use the tip of the brush to paint your lashes. You’ve painted your face, your nails…the lashes were just a matter of time. Lash Lacquer is best used with lengthening and defining mascaras, and Hourglass’ Film Noir Mascara is nothing to be scoffed at. It is firmly in my makeup cabinet and has a permanent place. I would advise that you not use the Lash Lacquer with thickening mascaras because your eyes will look too goopy and overdone. No one wants Britney’s drunk look.

LAsh Lacquer Film Noir Hourglass Cosmetics

A model transformed by makeup artist Gina Brooke. She is wearing Film Noir Lash Lacquer, Film Noir mascara, Script Precision Eye Liner Pen and Hourglass’ Femme Rouge Lipstick in “Muse” ($30)

Gina Brooke used the Lash Lacquer over the mascara, and also stenciled the model’s eyes with a fine Script Precision Liner ($32) which is one of the finest liquid liner pens I have ever used. It’s truly easy to get any type of eye liner effect: fine, thick or cat eye.

Film Noir Lash LAcquer Hourglass

Here I am wearing Film Noir Lash Lacquer over Film Noir Mascara, and using the Veil Mineral Primer

Hourglass Cosmetics can be found on their web site and also exclusively on Sephora. Their packaging too glistens like precious metal, and is a luxurious experience in every way.

Have you tried Hourglass? If so, leave us a comment below and let us know your experience. To read about our beauty products that resemble works of art, click here.

Charu Suri

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