(Review & Photos): Veet Hair Removing Lotions and Creams: A New Formula with Velvet Rose Scent

For a long time, I was skeptical of hair remover lotions, creams and spray ons. I just thought they were pretty outdated — I mean, compared to the almighty razor, which is slick, portable and not goopy, why would one invest in a hair remover lotion or cream?

And then I was introduced to Veet, which debuts its newest formula which is designed to work close to the root of your hair. The Velvet Rose scented products comes in a luxurious packaging designed to emulate the texture and feel of silk and rose petals. I think the branding team did an ace of a job when it comes to the packaging!

Veet Velvet Rose New Formula

Enriched with Moisturizer Complex, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, Veet’s new line includes a Spray On Cream Hair Remover for Legs & Body. The idea behind a Sensitive Formula in the line ensures that hair is removed without the lawn-mower effect (i.e. shaving). AND the products also promise moisturization of the skin.

I made certain to read the precautions as it had been years since using a hair removal product other than a razor. I know, old school, but it’s what I was brought up using. First I tested a small patch of hair on my inner leg area as I have VERY sensitive skin. I waited three minutes to do a check with the Veet Spatula and the hair was still there. An additional two minutes later…GONE. I waited about ten minutes to do both of my legs as I wanted to make certain I was not irritated or uncomfortable in any way. Ten minutes later I held the nozzle about 2” away from my legs and sprayed. I tend to spray quite evenly as I am used to the spray on self tanners. This time I let the product sit for 7 minutes and removed the product to unveil super smooth legs underneath.

The smell still had a hint of a hair removal product that I did recall using when I was much younger but it did not bother me enough to remove the product. As some of my regular readers know, my nose is very sensitive to smell so it would have bothered me if it overpowered any of the other quieter scents that smelled a bit floral like. After fully removing the product, I went straight into the shower to rinse any residue of product left and now have va-va-va voom legs. As soon as my husband came through the door, I asked him to do the “touchable smooth skin” test and he agreed. “Smooth, soft…”nice” and we both agreed that they felt “touchable”. I will definitely be using this product again.

One note: the products DO cause your bathtub surfaces to be slippery. So, keep that in mind as you apply the product!

Nicole Gordon Levine

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