(Review & Photos): Make Up For Ever Launches new Aqua Liners

The latest launches to Make Up For Ever’s versatile Aqua range are the Aqua Liners which were created to give makeup artists a very precise, durable and waterproof formula. As to be expected with Make Up For Ever, the number of color choices is vast, ranging from a Diamond Gold (#1) to an Iridescent Red (#10; reserved only for the truly bold eye makeup or special effects).

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners

The liners are slim tipped; from left to right are #13, #4 and #9 (Mat Black, Diamond Lagoon Green & Iridescent Navy Blue)

They were put to the test backstage during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami, where makeup artists went all out to create bold eye looks with the Aqua Liners (the artists watched carefully to see if they would melt under the bright lights). They didn’t, thanks to the formulation of acrylic copolymer that locks water out by forming a flexible film over the eyes. This particular formulation actually contains 50% more polymers than your traditional liners.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners

Here I am using the Aqua Liner in Mat Black over the Aqua Cream in Turquoise (eye shadow)

Now, here is the thing about polymers, in case you were wondering if they were really good for your skin (it’s an industrial ingredient, after all). The Beauty Brains talks about how the new breed of eye products uses polymers now instead of the traditional waxes and oils combination. They never say it’s a bad thing for your eyes, but that it causes the liner to last longer than your traditional wax/ oil formulated liner (or pencil). M.A.C.’s tried and true Liquidlast liner is one such example of a long-lasting, polymer-based liner.

What’s great about the new MUFE Aqua Liner is that it’s waterproof as well as long lasting. You need a proper make up remover to take this stuff off.There are different finishes to these liners too: the matte variety (like the Mat Black, and the iridescent and diamond finishes). The Diamond Lagoon is a diamond finish that gives your eyes a nice pop without you having to wear eye shadow. It really sparkles! The tip is really fine, so if you’re patient, you can get a sleek cat eye in no time.

The liners debut in May in Sephora and retail for $23 in the U.S. and $26 in Canada. For our review on MUFE’s Lab Shine collection.

Are you a fan, based on this review? Will you purchase them to add to your MUFE collection?

– Charu Suri

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