(Review & Photos) Pureology Perfect4Platinum Haircare Line

I always considered myself a glass half full kind of woman yet if a product has a “guarantee” for longer lasting hair colour, I quickly become a bit of a skeptic. Pureology guarantees that your color treated hair will keep its color longer or your money back on their website and naturally, I wanted to test that theory on their PERFECET4PLATINUM products.

Pureology Perfect4PLatinum

This product line is specifically made for my hair as it was created for blondes with 4+ levels of lift. I was dark haired for most of my life, yet been coloring my hair since I went slightly gray at 16 years old, and then went blonde once my gray took over about 80% of my head just about 3 years ago. These products are 100% Vegan and smell like a dream.

Pureology Perfect4PLatinum

It’s easy to pour the quarter sized shampoo amount and is a pretty blue colour. Ingredients such as coriander oil, chamomile and lemon extract give it a bit of a sweet smell but certainly not overly fragrant or else I wouldn’t use it. The conditioner on the other hand has similar ingredients yet its texture and colour remind me more of soy protein mixture and I feel as if I can smell the spice in it…coriander anyone?

The conditioner was a bit too thin for my treated hair so I also used the Reconstruction Repair product and left that in for the suggested 5 minutes. My hair felt super smooth and had a nice glossy shine to it. I even sprayed in the Micro Filler onto my damp hair as my hair is quite delicate and fragile from all of the color treatment over the years.

My personal beauty regimen would be to use the shampoo every other day, use the conditioner daily, and use the Reconstruction Repair once a week as I like how it felt similar to a hair mask. The Miracle Filler I would use more on an “as needed” basis, probably right after I get my highlights and single process as I feel my hair is most delicate and fragile at that specific time.

I was very pleased with the brightness of my color when blown dry and I also liked the smooth texture. It seemed even smoother and softer than before. It truly kept my color vibrant and I am excited at the thought of extending my visits to the salon! Cash in my pocket could be better spent…on other beauty items of course.

Pureology is available at fine salons. For a salon locator, click here.

Nicole Gordon Levine

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