(Review) The Body Shop Launches Body Butter Duos

Remember the time when you went hook, line and sinker for every flavor of The Body Shop Body Butter you could find? From coconut to blueberry, each unveiling was like a coy Burlesque act, a way for you to secretly indulge without breaking the bank.

Body Shop Body Butter Duos

Now, it seems that The Body Shop has raised the bar for a product that I had thought was hallowed ground. The Body Butter Duos are both Cool Whip and Butter Stick in one nifty box (the same size as our traditional favorites), and they serve two purposes: to moisturize normal and dry skin.

Body Shop Body Butter Duos

The flirty, flufflier version is perfect for a summer afternoon, and the thicker version does wonders during the harsher winter months. I would personally stock up on these if only to use half of them on your feet and the other half on your rougher elbow and knee areas, where you need more moisture. Or if you dare to share — share it with your BFF or spouse.

Body Shop Body Butter Duos

In delicious flavors like Floral Acai, Vanilla, Macadamia and Sweet Pea, these tubs reveal the half-moon cookie of moisturizers, and are easy stackables. The site is offering them at $15 each for an introductory price (the regular togs are $18 each).

This is an innovation I haven’t seen from other moisturizers yet, and of course everything here is Fair Trade. The twin pots are so colorful, they will look as though a garden has exploded in your room. And I can see them being beautiful gifts for weddings or baby showers.

While many body moisturizers can be cloying or syrupy sweet, The Body Shop Body Butter Duos are lightly fragranced, and really melt into your skin. I wouldn’t wear any fragrance over this if you want a faint summer floral smell.

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Charu Suri

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