Review, Photos: Sisley Emulsion Ecologique - Moisturizing Skin Balancing Treatment

Review, Photos: Sisley Emulsion Ecologique - Moisturizing Skin Balancing Treatment

I was very curious about the Sisley Emulsion Ecologique ($245.00), which Sisley describes as a “unique, non-oily, synergistic complex of specially selected natural plant extracts that helps protect skin against environmental pollution, irritants and weather extremes.” It is suitable for all skin types, and can be used day and night since the “light nighttime emulsion absorbs quickly.” It is is formulated with a synergistic complex of plant extracts (centella asiatica, ginseng, rosemary, hops, and horsetail) all chosen
for their stimulating and revitalizing action.

Sisley claims that its unique composition helps to:

– Moisturize the skin and restore its comfort and radiance
– Help skin fight environmental stress (pollution, cigarette smoke etc.)
– Recover more toned, more supple skin
– Prepare skin to receive the benefits of other skin care products

I used the product morning and evening for about a week (I was given only a small sample). It is true that it is non-oily and the product was easily absorbed by my skin (no greasy residue at all), so it provided a good base for both my day and nighttime skin care products and cosmetics.

But, was it really worth $245.00? Well, there is no way to gauge the level of protection against the “elements.” And since the skin’s worst enemy is the sun, it is worth pointing out that this product provides no sunscreen or sun protection at all, making its value somewhat questionable. Bottom line: If money is no object (and here I can only say I wish!) then yes, this is a fine start to your daily/nightly skin care regime. But if you are at all cost conscious, I think you can use your beauty dollars more effectively elsewhere.

– Yona McDonough

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