Review, Photos, Swatches: Skinn Cosmetics Dual-Ended Tint & Shine Lip Stain and Gloss

Review, Photos, Swatches: Skinn Cosmetics Dual-Ended Tint & Shine Lip Stain and Gloss

Tired of your lipstick and/or gloss wearing off after a couple of hours? Would you like something that can last through the day? Sometimes it’s frustrating having to touch-up your lip products throughout the day. I think a big reason why most women don’t wear many lip products, especially in bolder colors, is because they dislike having to touch-up so often to keep the color looking perfect on the lips.

Today, I will be reviewing some lip stains/lip glosses for you that will put an end to your lasting lip color dilemma. These products are from Skinn Cosmetics and they are a dual-ended lip stain and lip gloss, called Tint & Shine — Luscious Lip Stain & Gloss Set. Now, I know what you’re thinking…another lip stain marker; they dry out so quickly; you can never see how much product is exactly inside; what a waste of money…but I am telling you — you are really going to love these products!

Review, Photos, Swatches: Skinn Cosmetics Dual-Ended Tint & Shine Lip Stain and Gloss

Review, Photos, Swatches: Skinn Cosmetics Dual-Ended Tint & Shine Lip Stain and Gloss

According to Dimitri James, Skinn Celebrity Makeup Artist, these lip stains are especially wonderful because you can play with the intensity of the lip stain. You can apply one layer for a lighter stain, or build it up for a deeper and more vibrant look.

Review, Photos, Swatches: Skinn Cosmetics Dual-Ended Tint & Shine Lip Stain and Gloss

The two colors that you see pictured are the only shades available in the Tint & Shine line ($18.00 each) right now. Villa Rosa is a nice, deep burgundy, blue-based red. In the tube, it appears to have the redness of Merlot wine, but do not be scared by the darkness in the packaging! The other shade is Ciao Bella and looks like a bright strawberry or watermelon-colored lip stain. It actually turns out to be a nice, dark pink on the lips and is very wearable! Both of these lip stains give such a classy effect when worn.

The glosses on the other end of the wand are very neutral. They are pretty sheer, but once applied over the lip stain give a really nice finishing touch to the overall look. They are similar in color, however, the one on Ciao Bella appears to have a bit more shimmer and is slightly lighter in shade.

What I honestly love about these lip stains is the fact that the product is in a wand as opposed to the typical lip stain marker-type packaging. You can actually see how much product is in the tube and know how much you have left. I think this is an absolutely genius idea. This will also eliminate the issue of the lip stain marker drying out because you can see the liquid stain. Once capped, it’s not exposed to any residual air on the packaging. Brilliant!

Review, Photos, Swatches: Skinn Cosmetics Dual-Ended Tint & Shine Lip Stain and Gloss

The Tint & Shine — Luscious Lip Stain & Gloss Set has a thin brush applicator which allows for an extremely precise application. You can simply use the brush applicator as a lip liner, so to speak, and then dip it back into the product to fill in the rest of your lips. They are super buildable and give such a natural touch of color to the lips.

These are non-drying on the lips and doesn’t leave that typical “lip cracking” feeling after it dries. You don’t even need to put the gloss on top if you don’t want to. However, I will say that the gloss is actually quite smooth and the texture is amazing; it is not in the least bit sticky and stays on comfortably throughout hours of wear.

As far as the length of wear, the gloss is of course going to wear off a lot faster than the actual lip stain. I have found that the gloss usually lasts for about three to four hours. I do work in a law firm so I am on the phone and talking quite a bit. I noticed that the lip gloss would start to wear off after about 3-4 hours. Interestingly enough, I find that Ciao Bella (the pink lip stain) lasts about 5 hours or so, through eating, drinking, talking, etc. I did find that Villa Bella (the red lip stain) lasted for at least 7 hours, although it did start to fade towards the center of the lips. So, you would obviously need to reapply after a while, but these are by far some of the best lip stains I have tried.

The scent of the lip stains are a little odd — a smell that I really can’t put my finger on. It’s not strong at all, so this won’t be an issue for you unless you have an extremely sensitive nose. One thing to note is that these lip stains are water-based and have alcohol-free dye (so they won’t dry out your pucker!). The lip gloss on the other hand has a somewhat light, fruity scent to it, which is rather pleasant.

I would definitely recommend these to someone who does not like or have time to constantly touch-up their lip products throughout the day! I give these 5 out of 5 stars. I would definitely purchase these for myself again. My only gripe: I do wish there was a larger color selection. Skinn Cosmetics, if you’re listening, please create a nude-colored Tint & Shine!

Tint & Shine — Luscious Lip Stain & Gloss Set can be purchased at or wherever Skinn products are sold.

– Dawn Santamarina

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