(Review & Photos) Vitacare Vegan Toothpaste: World's First Vitamin Infused Oral Care System

Honestly, it’s about time there was a really awesome vegan toothpaste in town.

When all the Vitacare goodies arrived on my doorstep, I was very much in the mood to get granola-ed. As a vegetarian, I love anything eco friendly. When I discovered that Vitacare was the world’s first vitamin-infused oral care system, I was even more excited.

The oral care system comes on delicious flavors: mint + key lime, mint + acai, mint + pomegranate. What’s even better is that they are enriched with antioxidant vitamins, A, C, D,E as well as calcium and free of any preservative nasties like parabens, fluoride, gluten, pthalates and petrochemicals. There are also zero artificial colors or flavors.

Vitacare Vegan Vitamin Infused Toothpaste

The line also comes with three flavored healthy chewing gum for on-the-go whitening — a genius concept. Vitacare is not the first brand to have thought of this (Orbit White is a popular brand), but it definitely is the first eco-friendly teeth whitening gum I’ve heard of. Since around 58% of adults chew gum, they reflexively swallow the artificial flavors and sweetener along with the chewing process. Thumbs up to Vitacare for making gum totally natural and tasty at the same time (the gum is flavored with xylitol and it doesn’t taste bad — a tad bit like Stevia).

I love that the Vitacare toothpaste also has impressive natural and potent extracts including cranberry, aloe vera (to soothe gums), and superfruit flavors (acai, pomegranate and key line all have antioxidant properties and have been linked to disease prevention).

To complete the vision, there are angled toothbrushes and all the packaging is made from 100% biodegradable and recycled materials with 100% nylon bristles.

Vitacare Vegan Vitamin Infused Toothpaste

The mouthwash doesn’t taste freaky: it’s a good kind of cool!

Taste & Functionality

If you’re expecting a taste like Crest , you’ll be disappointed. This toothpaste has a totally unique and very vegan quality to it. It’s not going to be an overwhelming peppermint-y feeling you get when you use the traditional toothpaste. I actually really like the taste, but like a new wine or craft beer, there’s a tastebud learning curve. That said, the functionality is excellent! There definitely is a whitening element to these products and the best feeling is — you’re ingesting only quality ingredients. The toothpastes are $5.99, toothbrushes are $3.99, the mouthwash is $8.99 and the gum is $1.99 for a 12 pack foil pack. Get ’em at Vitacare and at Village Apothecary, Ricky’s and Drugstore.com.

Vitacare Vegan Vitamin Infused Toothpaste

Three natural flavors of toothpaste

Vitacare Vegan Vitamin Infused Toothpaste

I love the packaging: it’s so fresh!

Vitacare Vegan Vitamin Infused Toothpaste

Cool gum to accompany the products

Vitacare Vegan Vitamin Infused Toothpaste

The brush is angled and has a good reach.

Are you a vegan or natural toothpaste kind of gal? Tell me your experiences with them, in the comments section below.

Charu Suri

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