(Review & Photos) Why We Love Ruby Kisses Indie Makeup Line

A little shimmer in just the right areas can make the face come alive. Ruby Kisses’ bronzer does just that, giving a subtle glow to the cheek bones as well as the forehead and any other areas one may want to apply on. Once it is rubbed into the skin there’s a blend that gives the illusion that you’re not evening wearing it.

Ruby Kisses
The gel eyeliner from this brand in a dark brown color is bold enough to stand out on a dark skinned person. It’s expected to fade into their skin type, but it doesn’t — in fact the gel eyeliner helps the eyes pop.

Ruby Kisses
Where there’s eyeliner there lays mascara waiting to enhance the look for the eyes. BIG LASH mascara and Very Sexy mascara are both flattering to the lashes, portraying a similar look to one who wears lashes. Whenever you are tired of getting lash glue on your eyelid, pick up Ruby Kisses mascara and watch them evolve into fierce feline lashes!
Just before you decide to apply the mascara the eyelids must be attended with proper care, no? Yes, so before we take some eye shadow, this brand has a primer that sticks to the eyelids like glue. When the eye shadow is applied on top of the primer it looks effortlessly removable- it can last throughout the day.
These products are beneficial to the face in that they are easy to put on and fun to try out. When I used the lash extension, for example, I saw my lashes a little more defined and a little longer if I may add.

This make- up line has it all: eye wear, bronzers, even nail polish! It’s a brand for the youthful and the blessed in looking young. There are bright colors, subtle colors and more! To purchase Ruby Kisses, visit them online.

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Danielle Beckford

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