(Review) Does a Natural Sunscreen Work? Melan Sol Natural Skin Care Says Yes

Whether you are a baby boy or a woman, you need to protect skin from the sun. There are several sunscreens floating around that have zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in them, but is there such a thing as a 100% natural sunscreen?

The line Melan Solsays “yes” and that’s how they’ve branded their line: they call themselves a “natural sunscreen” because the inventor of the product was suffering from skin cancer and he came up with a natural antioxidant cocktail of Vitamin E, Bio-Melanin and Green Tea in a sunscreen and he remains cancer-free to this day. The three ingredients combined work together to create a less risk of skin cancer and protection from UV rays.

But strictly speaking, this is not a 100% natural sunscreen. Though there are natural ingredients within the two products, zinc oxide (an active ingredient) is not a natural substance. It is, however, the safest most effective sunscreen ingredient, according to Badger balm’s research on nanoparticles in zinc oxide sunscreen.

The science and research done for these ingredients are assurance that they are healthy for the skin in several ways. The average sunscreen does not stick to your skin for long after swimming, which leaves your skin vulnerable to the sun. In this instance, you need to reapply your sunscreen often.

Melan Sol Natural Skin Care is also safe to use for the face. has shown me what a sunscreen for the face should feel- safe. A lot of the time sunscreen applied incorrectly can leave the skin irritated or red, for some people, but putting a moderate amount on the face and the body AFTER sun exposure can leave the skin feeling covered the way a model should pose- from head to toe.

Melan Sol is impressive in that it contains:

1) UVB and UVA protection;

2) Moisturizing component;

3) Anti- aging component;

4) Effective for the face and body.

To find out more information and to purchase, visit www.puresuncreen.com. The non greasy formula works well on all skin types and retails for $20.95.

To learn more about the recent FDA regulations on sunscreen, click here.

Danielle Beckford