(Review) The DVF Wrap Rally: "Diane" by Diane Von Furstenberg Fragrance

In the 1980’s almost everyone (including me) had a bottle of Tatiana, the heady floral perfume from Diane Von Furstenberg named for her young daughter. In a welcome return to the fragrance world, and a couple decades later, DVF is back with a new scent, this time named after her: Diane.

DVF Diane Furstenberg Warp Rally Perfume

Diane is fresh, light and very cleans smelling. It has a feel of soap and fresh linen with a sportiness thrown in. The main notes are said to be violet and frangipani, but to my nose there is a hint of violet and rose and a good bit of light musks. The musk is often the star but it’s a washed musk, nothing too strong with the florals coming a little more in the dry down. This is a nice scent for those who want something that works in a conservative office or that will work at the weekend’s softball game.

DVF Diane Furstenberg Warp Rally Perfume

Diane was launched last week with another of Ms. Von Furstenberg’s iconic creations- the wrap dress at a Wrap Rally. A wrap dressed flash mob hit up both Paris and New York City giving out scented Diane ribbons. A fun way to get your name noticed.

Diane is available at Bloomingdales and Sephora. Retail is 1.7 oz $ 65.00 and 3.4 oz $ 90.00.

Diane Artzberger, The Beauty Alchemist

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