Review, Video How-To Demonstration: Olay PRO-X Skin Analyzer

Olay Professional introduces its new Pro-X Skin Analyzer, an advanced innovation in the world of personalized skin analysis that allows users to see what the skin experts see and find out what your skin needs to look younger

The Olay Professional Pro-X Skin Analyzer is a professionally designed free tool that provides the benefits of personalized skin analysis by first surveying your facial wrinkling and spots and then comparing them to people of similar age, skin type and region.

I followed the 3 Easy Steps on the packaging and also checked it out online at to watch the video tutorial.

It was amazing! Within seconds after uploading my not-so-great looking photo…the computer analyzed my skin spots and wrinkles online! I must admit that seeing that I was below average in both areas from other people my age made me feel great and want to see how to improve it even more. I do take great care of my skin now, but that wasn’t always the case. You are also able to track results over time. The headband allows you to see if your age spots, skin spots, wrinkles decrease over time by using their products. Suggested Olay products are given to you once your skin is analyzed.

Review, Video How-To Demonstration: Olay PRO-X Skin Analyzer

I loved doing this in the comfort of my own home as it was not a great picture of me yet it did the job! By following these three easy steps, I was able to get a personalized skin analysis and didn’t have to sit and wait in any Doctor’s office to do it. So tell us, have you had your skin analyzed? Leave a comment below to let us know.

– Nicole Gordon Levine

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