Review: Votre Vu's Nouveau Glow Bilbery Bergamot Peel

On first blush, the Votre Vu’s Nouveau Glow Bilbery Bergamot peel has the thick, gooey characteristic of viscous honey. It smells citrusy, which is definitely what you would want it to smell like considering bergamot orange is part of the citrus family (if you’re an Earl Gray tea fan, you’ll appreciate the distinct flavor of bergamot in your cuppa).

I was expecting the peel to be blue in color (bilbery is closely related to the blueberry family and actually looks like it…if you’e ever hiked a trail and spotted a bilberry bush, you’d probably have thought they were indeed blueberries).

This peel does not tingle, but the claim of this peel is that the blend of bilbery and bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, orange citrus acids, and sugar cane will peel the damages of fun in the sun.

Now, sugar cane acid is not strictly glycolic acid so what this peel has is a concentration of fruit acids (AHAs) and an outlier, the sugar cane acid. The combination of both in one peel is not too strong on THIS Noveau Glow concoction because we suspect that it is not a heavy concentration of essential oils, but the aroma is distinctly citric.

There’s also the blend of papaya, vitamin E, and sunflower seed oil in this peel and the result is — well — definitely a tad on the thick, oily side (with zero residue). So, there’s a calming component to this peel as well.

If your skin only responds to synthetic peels, then opt out of this gentle Mother Theresa of facials, but if you’re an all-natural, fragrance junkie, then this peel may be the one for you. The instructions are tres simple: just put a layer on your skin for 3-10 minutes and wash off with a hot cloth. The skin does have a dewy glow when all is said and done.

Votre Vu’s Bilbery Bergamot Peel retails for $45 here.

Charu Suri

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