Runway Ready Eyelashes: The "Paper False Lashes" and "Feather Lashes" Trend and Tips on Application

Fashion Week is full of the kind of energy that makes you stop and think, the kind that excites you and elevates your tastes to another level. It brings out the inner hunger that we all share to embody our personalities through fashion. It follows, then, that when models grace the runway, every little bit of their look is dissected, from lip color to heel height. This season, look to their lashes to highlight emerging trends in the beauty sphere that are sometimes more artistic than practical. Here, founder of EnvyDerm Eyelash Growth Serum, Volume Mascara, and Intense Liquid Eyeliner, Nadia Smith, shares her take on which lash trends to look out for, and how to get the look at home.

Long, Thick Lashes

Long, luxurious lashes are a staple in the fashion world. Although they might not be as unique as the other trends that have recently popped up, they are a classic staple in the realm of beauty.

Nadia says, “This season, as clean lines and defined cuts follow in the minimalist direction, some designers will likely follow this theme and maintain natural lash looks. You can achieve this look simply by applying your makeup.”

This is a great trend to try out at home, and you’ll have your friends asking, “Are those real?”

Tips for Application:

· Apply mascara to clean, dry lashes.

· Swirl while applying for maximum impact. Allow one minute between layers.

· Apply EnvyDerm Intense Liquid Eyeliner to clean, dry lash line.

· Wipe excess off brush and draw a line along the upper lid, beginning from inner corner.

· Extra tip: also works on eyebrows!

Feather False Eyelashes

False Lashes

Beware: this trend is tough on the eyelids. Feather eyelashes can be heavy, but if you’re going for an over-the-top look, you can guarantee that these will be a showstopper. “Feather eyelashes are the kind of trend that we see emerge during Fashion Week because they are unique and fun. Fashion designers are artists, and with art comes the drama of the avant-garde.” Feathers were a big hit in the hair for the last season, so look for this to evolve into lashes for the fall.

Tips for Application:

· Curl lashes with eyelash curler.

· Adjust the width to fit your specific eye shape.

· Apply adhesive and allow about 10-15 seconds for drying.

· Place false lashes on upper lash line, working from the outside in.

Paper False Eyelashes

Paper False Lashes

Hoping to upstage all other lash trends this season, a new look is here: paper eyelashes. Following the tradition of Chinese paper cutting, these lashes take falsies to a new level. Pioneered by company PaperSelf, the lashes feature animals such as horses, butterflies, and peacocks. “Paper lashes have just hit the beauty market, and have really changed the idea of false lashes. These designs are themselves works of art, and have surfaced just in time for the runways,” says Nadia.

Tips for Application:

· Choose your size: small (for corners) or full (for entire lash).

· Apply much like false lashes, but remember to test them out beforehand.

· Make sure to cut and alter lashes to fit the length and width of your eye shape.

· Extremely careful application is required due to the delicate nature of the paper.

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