Tips on How to Get Perfect Eyebrows That Frame Your Face:

Perfectly shaped eyebrows can really change your overall look. How can you achieve the perfect shape? Work with your own eyebrow shape and frame—not against it. This means bone structure and eye set should be taken into consideration when trying to achieve shapely brows that wow.

There are three different kinds of eye sets: normal, close and wide set.

How to determine your eye set

Eye set is recognized by measuring your eye from the inner to outer corner. If your measurement is 7 cm and the distance between your two eyes is also the same, this means you have normal set eyes. If it is more, then you have wide set eyes and if it is less you it is close set eyes.


Recognizing your eye set will help as a starting point for the best fit eyebrow shape. If you have close set eyes, shaping will require more space between your eyebrows. The brows should begin a little past the inner eye to give the illusion of a normal eye set. If you have wide set eyes, then you should not over pluck in between your brows, less space will better suit your face.


The eyebrow arch starts from your pupil and gradually goes up and then down towards the end. The arch shape depends on your bone structure. There are many different shapes of eyebrows. Rounded shaped eyebrows soften features. A good example of this shape is Sharon Stone eyebrows. Soft angle eyebrows, the most preferred shape, is arched and feminine. This is similar to Nicole Kidman’s shape and usually goes well with a petite face. Angled eyebrows have a high arch and work well to mask droopy eyelids. It gives you a more youthful look. Straight eyebrows work best for those with a longer face shape face. Straight eyebrows make their face appear shorter and oval.


Once you understand what shape is the best fits your face, you can use the following tip to complete your new shape like a pro. Apply a little foundation on the eyebrows, and draw the desired shape with any colored make-up pencil. Look at yourself from a 3 feet distance in the mirror. If the sketch best complements your face, only remove the hair outside of the guideline you have created by tweezing or threading.

Tips courtesy of Susmta Patel,

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