In Bloom: Reese Witherspoon's Fragrance Nod for Avon

From Legally Blonde to Legally in Bloom

Ms. Witherspoon has many accomplishments under her belt: from movie stardom in crowd pleasers like Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama to her role in diehard practicality as June Carter Cash in Walk The Line , she has managed to win America’s hearts using her traditional, sweeter than citrus innocence.


But Witherspoon is also an emblem of strength. She emerges from Legally Blonde less muddled and less “standard blonde” and thereby gives a message of hope to all the Harvard Law aspirants nationwide: you can be strong; you can do it.

Hence it comes as little surprise to me that her new scent for Avon called In Bloom is supposed to stand for everything the actress embodies: sensuality, glamor, elegance, authenticity and confidence.


Witherspoon says, “In developing In Bloom I found myself drawn to the scents of my childhood in Tennessee…we had a great big Magnolia tree in our backyard, and it’s that beautiful white blossom that inspired the perfume.” Here is a behind the scenes video of her fragrance.

Steel Magnolias are very common in Tennessee…in fact, the state actually has a town called Magnolia. But what starts with a Southern note also uses some Oriental flavor:

Top Notes: Georgia Peach Tea Leaves, Crisp Greens

Heart Notes: Star Gardenia, Magical Magnolias, Night Blooming Jasmine

Drydown: Cashmere Woods, Hypnotic Florals, Amber Wood Crystals

We’ve gone from Tennessee to Georgia to Exotic Oriental in one bottle: it’s like a cartographer’s dream.


I do love the packaging! The fragrance is a pale caramel color, and the lid is a carved rose sitting on top of a bulbous base. The fragrance itself is sultry and sensuous (I felt as though I was entering an Oriental Museum) yet tinged with floral. It makes you think of gardens and incense at the same time.

This is a limited Edition Perfume available exclusively on Here is the commercial.

Eau de Parfum ($34); Parfum ($59); Body Mist ($15); Body Lotion ($15); Shower Gel ($15).