Philosophy’s Holiday 2009 Treats: Hey Mr. Gingerbread Man…

We had the good fortune to learn about Philosophy’s Holiday launches last week, when we were introduced to everything your mother would love to have in her kitchen: gingerbread, pumpkin pie and even that touch of lavender.

Let’s take a moment first to reflect the brand’s mission: each bottle has a beautiful philosophical message that takes us to the heart of the human spirit. In fact, many women all over the country have been inspired the messages alone. Apparently one girl who was getting ready to be married was uncertain about her wedding, then read the label on her Amazing Grace shower gel and she knew she had the courage within her to tie that knot.


The products too are rich and inspire you to come back “full circle” to the smells you grew up with. Who among us has not had the craving for some gingerbread? Or eggnog at a party, for that matter?

And so, it is with much nostalgia and joy that we bring you our favorites from the Holiday 2009 Collection.

Philosophy Bake Shop

Bake Shoppe: Not just your traditional hot rolls and bagel bake shop, this charming box packs Raspberry Mousse lipgloss that tastes as delicious as a fruit tart while hydrating your lips. We also are suckers for the Raspberry Mousse & Pink Frosted Layer Cake Shampoo, Shower Gel and Bubble Bath. A four item set is $30.

Philosophy Gingerbread Man Scrub

Gingerbread Man Scrub: This hot salt scrub will slough away dead skin cells while leaving your body as soft as proverbial butter. Gingerbread itself originated in Europe (although ginger is popular in Asia) but Philosophy has made this sugary treat as American as apple pie. $25.

Philosophy Hot Cocoa

Peppermint Hot Cocoa: You’ll find a variety of hot cocoa flavors in Philosophy’s Winter Store. Double rich & Peppermint but we love the latter because it reminds us so much of Christmas-y Kris Kringle, patties, swirls and candy canes. The brisk and energizing scent makes us tingle like we’re getting our first kiss. $6, $10 or $16, depending on the size you pick.

Philosophy Snow Shoes and Mittens

Snow Shoes & Mittens: You can wear your J.Crew gloves, bundle up like Kate Beckinsale in Serendipity , warm your hands with a cup of hot cider, but slather on Snow Shoes and Mittens first! This buttery spread is not for your morning bagel, ladies. This duo contains shea, mango and cocoa butters to triple hydrate the skin; it also contains olive and macadamia nut oils to go that extra hydration mile. The best part? It smells like freshly fallen snow. $20.

Philosophy Holiday Angel

Holiday Angel: This is angel food cake scented Bath & Shower Gel and Shampoo and makes you feel more indulgent than going to a Chocolate and Wine Tasting. If you love a rich and foaming lather shampoo, then you’ll need to get (and give) one of these, STAT. Plus, it has a touch of shimmer (subtle, not tinsel-town) that makes for very glam layering. $16.

Philosophy Party Girl

Party Girl Kit: This is a great kit before a big, festive night! It includes a pomegranate bubbly exfoliating shower gel, a body lotion and a lip shine and as it is with all Philosophy products, the keepsake bags and boxes are reusable (in this case the shiny black patent leather bag is great for cosmetics and cotton alike. This three piece set is $35. Get your LBD on!

Cherry Christmas Philosophy

Have a Cherry Christmas: Have a Holly Jolly or Cherry Christmas! This slightly tart smelling body wash will leave you thinking of bowls of berries even when Jack Frost is nipping at your window. $16.

Recipe Box Red Recipe Box Green

The Recipe Box (in Red and Green): This is a great gift to give the Julia Child in all of us. The Red Velvet and Sweet Creamy Frosting Shower Gel live in the Red Box; while the Green Box houses Apple and Pumpkin Pie. Apart from the delicious flavors, you’ll want to save the box for recipe cards. And watch the marvelous Meryl Streep in Julie & Julia afterwards, of course. $16 each.

There are so many more holiday treats on Philosophy’s site so make sure you don’t miss them!

Charu Suri