Seva Treat Deep Conditioner Review

“Each day, you are voting with your hard-earned dollars.” The new beauty company Séva could not have chosen truer words. When every we buy any product, we give the okay to that company to continue with their practices. The good folks at Séva thought they would start a company that anyone with a conscience would support proudly. Loosely translated, Séva means “string” in Sanskrit – as in the string that connects all things to each other. Their business, run out of Los Angeles, uses local products and pays all employees a living wage. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For more information on this innovative company, go to

Seva Treat Deep Conditioner

Their Séva Treat deep conditioner ($32 for 6 treatments at excited me almost as much as their ideals. I applied this vegan product after shampooing and let it sit for twenty minutes before rinsing it out. The cream paste generously covered every last strand of my long hair, and jojoba oil and protein went right to work to give my thirsty hair a good drink. My tresses looked great as they air-dried without any greasy residue.

Séva’s products are sulfate and paraben free (so they are completely color safe) and vegan. Not only does this company make beautiful products, they support great causes and the warehouse employs people with disabilities from the La Puente Adult School.

A good hair day and a clean conscience – I can vote for that.