Cetaphil's "Comfortable in my Skin" contest

There’s a brand new contest in town and it’s not the Mega Millions.

I’m sure you and your mom and grandmom know and love Cetaphil. In fact, which girl with sensitive skin doesn’t? I know of no better cleanser that truly delivers on its promise of clean skin without stripping you of everything you own (and then some).

Cetaphil Comfortable in my Skin

Cetaphil is hosting a great contest called Comfortable In My Skin. The prizes are quite insane and yours truly has already entered (beat THAT). Here’s what you can win:

– A tropical getaway for FOUR to any Caribbean/ Mexican destination of your choice, hosted by Marriott Resorts (hello?!!!…Aruba, here I come).

Cetaphil products

– A Kate Spade bag

– A $500 gift card from Amex


And the contest is actually really fun and creative to enter. What you have to do is this:

  1. Say when you feel most comfortable in your skin
  2. Select a destination where you can get comfy
  3. Pick out your virtual designer bag
  4. Fill your bag with your favorite Cetaphil® Products and other travel accessory must-haves
  5. Upload a picture of the supremely comfortable you! (optional).
Are you ready to jet set? Enter HERE. The deadline is in 19 days so you’d better get crackin’ and packin’!