Silver Benefits : Best Anti-Bacterial Skincare Ingredient For Microbiome

Silver Benefits : Best Anti-Bacterial Skincare Ingredient For Microbiome


Microbiome MicroSilver BG 

  • The microbiome of the skin is a new and important area of interest for modern skincare and health. It is the management of the microflora present on the surface of the skin. The surface of the skin is constantly full of good and harmful bacteria. The balance of these species is determined by the skin’s ability to ward off the effects of bad bacteria while maintaining the proper level of good bacteria. The skin produces natural defensins to achieve this goal. 
  • The balance may be disturbed by encounters with pollution, viruses, fungi and exposure to large colonies of bad bacteria. Fortunately, when we wash our skin, the slate, surface and the balance start to form again. In order to shift this balance and maintain the balance of hood bacteria, we have discovered a cosmetic additive that will boost our natural defenses. 
  • MicroSIlver BG®: our products that include MicroSilver BG®, will actually leave small amounts of the MicroSilver BG® on the skin, even after rinse off. Thus, it helps to monitor and protect the precious microflora present that will grow during the day and night. The right balance will help skin to remain intact, making it healthier, brighter, and more youthful appearing. 
  • Harmful bacteria may compromise the barrier, causing breakouts, hyperpigmentation and even infections. Therefore, good skincare should help us avoid these problems. 
  • MicroSilver BG® helps maintain positive microflora on the surface of the skin because it is non-cytotoxic. This means it is not like most bacteria or fungal killing agents that indiscriminately kill everything via its cytotoxic actions. Instead, the ability to provide a constant stream of ions helps disrupt the surface of bad bacteria by interfering with their cell wall structures, while breaking up colonies of Gram positive species non-lethally. 
  • MicroSilver BG® is also non-irritating, natural, vegan, and safe. Approved by FDA and Euro agencies. 

This ingredient is used in our BeautyStat Microbiome Barrier Repair Purifying Cleanser and our Microbiome Purifying Clay Mask. Click the links to purchase our products. 

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