Skincare Obsession of the Moment: La Isha

Women who look ten years younger than their epoch have several things in common. They keep their skin hydrated and protected with sunscreen, they remove their makeup before bedtime, and they research and invest in cosmetics that have anti-aging mechanisms. If you’re not practicing all of the habits mentioned above, it’s not too late! La Ishá, a natural anti-aging skincare line claims to produce the same anti-aging results as other mainstream skincare lines by containing key ingredients that support the overall well being of good health.

Skincare Obsession of the Moment: La Isha

La Ishá skincare line is made fresh and is free of synthetic preservatives, colors, fragrances, and petroleum derivatives, which past studies have shown to aid in the production of mild allergic reactions or significant skin irritation. The line is derived from organic ingredients and ideal for women who have sensitive skin, a variety of products such as the ‘Gentle Aromatherapy Face Wash’ – containing aromatherapy oils is perfect for the consumer with sun damaged or stressed skin. I’ll take two. I also loved the ‘Orange-Coconut Skin Polish’ that contains sugar crystals- an all natural ingredient that serves to smooth away dull surface skin cells to reveal a fresh and glowing complexion. Yes, that’s you staring back in the mirror, gorgeous!

Are you in the market for a new anti-aging skincare regimen? For more information about La Ishá Skincare, please visit their website at

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– Nicole L. Townsend