Preview, Find, SoCozy, hair, care, for, kids, at, Target, a, brand, that, believes, Being, You, Is, Our, Idea, Of, Cool, #SoCozyatTarget

Preview: Find SoCozy hair care for kids at Target, a brand that believes "Being You Is Our Idea Of Cool." #SoCozyatTarget

SoCozy hair care products for kids at Target review ingredients best shampoo conditioner styler

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Kids want fun hair care products made just for them, and moms want safe hair care products that can multi-task. Both moms and kids score a WIN-WIN with SoCozy hair care for kids at Target! As a mom of two boys, I know that moms want the best for their kids – and that includes the best products for their hair too! SoCozy products are designed to work well on kids hair, smell delightful in scents kids can easily identify, use non-toxic ingredients that work (while leaving out the nasties like parabens and sulfates) and will bring the fun back into kids learning how to care for their hair!

SoCozy Hair Care for Kids at Target ingredients review best new shampoo conditioner lice treatment spray detangler

So next time you’re at Target, take a minute to stroll down the Hair Care aisle and look for SoCozy on the shelf (near the women’s hair care products). You’ll find eight SoCozy products at Target that were developed by a mom, Cozy Friedman, searching for the best hair salon experience and products for kids. Go ahead and add SoCozy to your Target cart (either your actual red cart or your virtual online cart) because you’ve got to try these products to see just how good they work on your kids hair!

SoCozy Cinch Hair Care for Kids at Target review ingredients best new products treatments conditioners shampoos stylers detanglers mixed race black african american curly girls nappy coily

Need kids hair care products that are amazing multi-taskers to help take care of kids hair faster and easier? I’m pretty sure that moms will flip over the SoCozy CINCH products because they work so well even when they’re multi-tasking. My kids tried the CINCH 3-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner + Body Wash and we were all impressed with how this one product worked so well at all three of it’s functions. I’m thinking this is the perfect SoCozy bottle to take on our summer vacation where we’ll be swimming several times a day and the kids will be taking more showers than usual. It’s so simple to stick SoCozy CINCH 3-in-1 into the shower for the kids to use to get clean from head to toe!

SoCozy Boo Lice Prevention Hair Care for Kids at Target best ingredients review treatment

Hand a new shampoo to my son, and the first thing he does is smell it! If he doesn’t like the smell, then he won’t use it. SoCozy BOO lice prevention shampoo for kids smells like peppermint (according to my 8-year-old) because it’s got safe natural ingredients like tea tree oil, rosemary extract and peppermint oil. Moms will definitely want to add SoCozy BOO to their “mom toolkit” because you know the day is going to come when you get a note from daycare or school that another kid in the class has lice. And the first thing that crosses your mind is “What can I do?” Of course you’re teaching your kids important lessons like don’t share hats, but wouldn’t you worry less if you could naturally scare lice away? SoCozy BOO products are clinically-proven products formulated to repel lice. Wise moms will keep BOO handy – enough said!

SoCozy Behave Styling Products for Kids at Target ingredients review best new treatments

Oh how I wish my kids hair would just behave! I’m sure you’ve said that a time or two, and I’m sure you want to tame or style your kids fabulously unique hair with products that are designed specifically for kids hair! SoCozy BEHAVE collection is your ticket to hair that behaves! It’s so nice to use the SoCozy BEHAVE Styling Gel that holds hair while leaving it touchable (no crunchies here!). Perfect for dance moms or moms with little boys who have mohawks to style. You won’t smell any chemicals in BEHAVE products because they avoid alcohol and other nasties! We also are fans of SoCozy BEHAVE Styling Cream which is perfect for taming “morning hair” and flyaways!

Next time you’re at Target, look for SoCozy and try it with your kids!

SoCozy Hair Care products for kids at Target cinch behave shampoo conditioner styling gel ingredients review

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Do your kids have hair with a mind of it’s own? What are the hair challenges at your house?

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