GIVEAWAY: Sparse, Skinny Brows? TouchBack BrowMarker to the Rescue - Product Review

Bold brows were really rampant on the runway in 2010:

With so many celebrity brow experts in the market, you’ve more than likely thought about getting your eyebrows done at a salon, and ended up with a less than perfect arch.

If you’ve been plucked to death like a chicken, we don’t blame you being skeptical of setting foot back in a salon, ever again. But what’s a girl to do in the meantime as she waits in the intermission of her brow life?

Why, get the TouchBack BrowMarker, of course!

These are like felt-tip pens for the brows, these markers have a patented formula that stays put and will not rub off. The makeup fills in sparse areas and even hides stray grays (yup!), and will give you those thick, jungle-like quality you’ve seen only in glossies.

These TouchBack brow markers retail for a cool $19.95 and are sold in various shades, and are available at

Tell us, will you camouflage your Arches pretty ladies? Or are you content to have them “au naturel”? We are giving away a TouchBack Brow Marker to one of you — simply enter a comment below to be considered.

– Charu Suri

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