Sponsored: Go for the Gold: St. Tropez Tan Bottles Luxurious, Believable Color that Simply Lasts

Healthy, radiant skin is not just reserved for lovers of The French Riviera lifestyle.

When winter weather comes, the first thing on its way out (apart from light outwear) is your tan. But healthy, believable color is not a wish that’s hard to fulfill, especially in our day; if you’ve wanted a tan that not only lasts but also has a refreshing, healthy quality to it, we’ve found THE tanning line for you.

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St. Tropez Tan offers superior quality products that allow you to become your own self tan expert. The comprehensive, high-end variety of formulations makes it a snap for you to achieve a truly believable tan: whether your destination is the more casual office party or the elegant cocktail reception. The products, however, go beyond giving you a healthy-looking tan: your skin looks refreshed and rejuvenated, as though you’ve returned from vacation.

In the St. Tropez line, you’ll find sleek delivery systems that make tanning pleasurable instead of laborious, and proven, failsafe results. These are products that contestants from Dancing with the Stars can’t live without while they waltz, tango and salsa their way to the gold.

As for how you achieve your tan, that’s completely up to you! You’ll find several ways to get the color you’ve always wanted, from the self tan line to their skin finishing products. St. Tropez Tan’s star product and best seller is their Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, which is feather-light and velvety in texture (this product has won Allure’s “Best of Beauty” award).

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You’re sure to find your perfect match from some of these products:
• The Self Tan line comes in three delivery systems (lotion, mousse, spray) and gives you the richest, deepest salon-inspired tan. There’s no “after math” aroma here. Zilch!;
• The Gradual Tan will leave you with a healthy, bronzed glow and build on color, day after day;
• The Wash-Off Instant Glow is for that instant, believable tan that washes off with soap and water. This formulation has no tanning agent, so you can just tan and go (and know that you can change your mind later!).

And that’s not all they have: their tan enhancers include a range of bronzing powders, mousse and bronzing rocks so you can build upon your coverage and finish your look with a mere dusting. Be sure to visit their site for more information.

If you want to release your inner pro, be sure to check out the techniques and tips found in the Tanning Application Videos!
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Are you ready to get your own healthy, beach-bronzed skin? Share and spread the love about this brand, win products, and be sure to shop and take advantage of the delicious savings. After all, the holidays are all about your good looks!

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